In the Last Few Days, Trump Disrespected Chancellor Angela Merkel, PM Theresa May, and the Queen of England – But You Are More Powerful than They Are

Reading Time: 4 minutes Women are the largest voting block in this country – by enough to get beyond the margins of foreign election tampering. If there was ever a time to stop voting party lines and vote for our own interests, that time is now. If Trump can’t respect the most powerful women in the world, there is no reason to think he will respect any one of us.

In the end, though, the joke may be on him because individually and collectively, if we vote, each one of us is more powerful than the Queen of England, PM Theresa May, and Chancellor Merkel combined.

Start now. Make your plan to vote in November. It’s not too early to start getting ready. Ask for the day off work now if you need to. Double check your voter registration and eligibility status to make sure you haven’t been purged from the voter rolls. Get your ballot by mail of that’s an option. And if not, make a plan to get to the polls under marshal law if you have to – and I say that only partially kidding.