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Category: Informed

James Comey Sits Down at Home and Spills His Guts

Undoubtedly, Comey won’t say anything the Mueller investigation doesn’t already know. Comey won’t jeopardize the investigation to promote a book. However, Comey’s interview will most certainly leave a lot of Congressional Republicans very uncomfortable making it even harder for them to support the President moving into the 2018 campaign cycle.

Moreover, we will hear things for the first time. Comey has reportedly shared details the will rock the White House. In any other circumstance, those claims might by hyperbolic and over-inflated to drive ratings. In this circumstance, it might be an undersell.

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We Cannot Expect the Private Sector to Do What the President Will Not – Not Even Facebook

Expecting Facebook to solve or be accountable for a problem that the White House helped create, a problem the White House is actively endeavoring to nurture and protect is the very definition of insanity.
The irony that we are holding Congressional hearings over a scandal the President of the United States denies even exists is laughable. It’s an intentional distraction.
Until the President of the United States concedes that election influencing, meddling, or tampering by a foreign government is an act of war, we will be losing a war we are not even fighting.
Blaming Facebook, raking Zuckerberg over the coals in congressional hearings might feel good. It is good theater. However, it’s pointless.

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Some California Legislators Do the Unthinkable – They Openly Propose the Only Real Solution for Police Reform

A few California legislators are painting targets on their backs by doing what should be done in every state. They are suggesting Use of Deadly Force Laws in the US should meet international standard. They are talking about it publicly, in front of cameras.
This is a watershed moment – and we should all be paying attention.
They are suggesting if there was another option available to you, even if you’re afraid, you cannot resort to “shoot first, ask questions later policing”.

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