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Is Your Coffee Good For You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you every wonder if your daily cup(s) of joe is healthy, unhealthy, or just neutral?

I’ve had a love/hate affair with coffee for decades. I love the aroma, the ritual, and most of all the jolt of a buzz directly to my central nervous system. When I’m sitting down to write or get some work done, a strong cup of coffee (or even better, espresso) used to be my best friend.

Except for one small problem. Well, a couple of them really. Almost without fail, my beloved cup of coffee would result in a gnawing, hungry feeling in my stomach – not right away but within an hour or two. Some people lose their appetite with coffee and caffeine, but not me! Something in it – and I don’t necessarily think it’s the caffeine, seems to tear at my stomach lining.

I’ve since learned that the acidity in the coffee is likely the culprit. It apparently is associated with all sorts of digestive discomforts – including GERD and heartburn. My problem is neither, but the symptoms are similar.

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Reading Time: 4 minutes After changing into a sleek and sexy white halter-neck dress, Meghan wore designer high heels with soles painted pale blue and a fabulous ring with a large aquamarine stone once belonging to her late mother-in-law. (Was the ring a surprise from Prince Harry? Was he in on the “something blue” conversation? Or do you think he simply opened his mother’s jewelry box one day for his beloved to select something of her fancy?)

The “something old, something new” rhyme seems to be infused with a kind of fairy-tale quality and delights of feminine mystique—is the mystery part of its appeal? I call the old-fashioned rhyme the most feminine of all wedding rituals. Whether a bride borrows her grandmother’s handkerchief; wears a gift of birthstone earrings or an antique lace veil; pins a blue silk ribbon to her corset or slips a sixpence coin into her shoe or his pocket, they have put something magically mysterious into motion. And what woman doesn’t become more attractive wearing a bit of mystery?

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