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Category: Thrive

Find Freedom from Food Addiction

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve learned practices and tools to calm my anxiety and to fill myself up without having to resort to eating – especially when I’m not actually hungry.

As the years have passed some of those ‘addictions’ have naturally fallen away. But…some persist.

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Reading Time: 5 minutes I gave myself a shit ton of grace and unfathomable amounts of permission–I let myself fully and completely off the hook. It was something I would be unwilling to do unless I had no other choice, but I learned to truly listen to myself and the messages my body was sending me.  If I felt tired, I rested. If I felt overwhelmed, I took things off my plate. Seems simple really, but to me it was revolutionary.

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Why Yerba Mate Might Become Your New Best Friend

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve enjoyed drinking mate for years, but when I was a coffee drinker I didn’t find that it affected my energy levels all that much. But now that I’ve turned to teas to get my daily caffeine boost, I’m loving the gentle yet steady lift I get from a cup of yerba mate.

And, now that I know all the other beneficial things it can do for me, I’m turning to yerba mate more and more often.

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Boost Your Metabolism and Brain Power with Matcha

Reading Time: 6 minutes Today I want to clue you in on the benefits of matcha specifically. I just might inspire you to trade in your coffee for a matcha latte, or just a plain ceremonial matcha.

Although I’ve discovered there are many, many different grades of matcha, it seems to me that most of the health benefits are present no matter what grade you choose. I’ve now traded in my Trader Joe packets for an authentic Japanese matcha powder with a far superior flavor and texture. However, I honestly think that lower quality Trader Joe’s stuff still packed a power punch.

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Burned out? Try this.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The last time I got burned out, it was pretty bad.  Bad enough that I realized I could no longer function the way I had been for so long.  The perfection I had been seeking was making me sick. And my body had been telling me this for a long time since my mind was hell-bent on not listening.  I had to go back to basics–I spent many hours in bed, switching back and forth between games on my iPhone and Netflix. And to be honest, this was exactly the therapy I needed.  When I was physically weak, my expectations of myself were low. I could kind of just exist. At ground zero, I was ok with just being human. I wasn’t fighting anymore, and I felt a freedom that I hadn’t in a long time.  Some might call this a spiritual awakening. To me, it was a total release. I had to let go of everything because I was mainly useless. And what I had been avoiding, been so afraid of, the big failure, felt really good.

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Is Your Coffee Good For You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you every wonder if your daily cup(s) of joe is healthy, unhealthy, or just neutral?

I’ve had a love/hate affair with coffee for decades. I love the aroma, the ritual, and most of all the jolt of a buzz directly to my central nervous system. When I’m sitting down to write or get some work done, a strong cup of coffee (or even better, espresso) used to be my best friend.

Except for one small problem. Well, a couple of them really. Almost without fail, my beloved cup of coffee would result in a gnawing, hungry feeling in my stomach – not right away but within an hour or two. Some people lose their appetite with coffee and caffeine, but not me! Something in it – and I don’t necessarily think it’s the caffeine, seems to tear at my stomach lining.

I’ve since learned that the acidity in the coffee is likely the culprit. It apparently is associated with all sorts of digestive discomforts – including GERD and heartburn. My problem is neither, but the symptoms are similar.

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