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Boost Your Metabolism and Brain Power with Matcha

Reading Time: 6 minutesToday I want to clue you in on the benefits of matcha specifically. I just might inspire you to trade in your coffee for a matcha latte, or just a plain ceremonial matcha.

Although I’ve discovered there are many, many different grades of matcha, it seems to me that most of the health benefits are present no matter what grade you choose. I’ve now traded in my Trader Joe packets for an authentic Japanese matcha powder with a far superior flavor and texture. However, I honestly think that lower quality Trader Joe’s stuff still packed a power punch.

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Burned out? Try this.

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe last time I got burned out, it was pretty bad.  Bad enough that I realized I could no longer function the way I had been for so long.  The perfection I had been seeking was making me sick. And my body had been telling me this for a long time since my mind was hell-bent on not listening.  I had to go back to basics–I spent many hours in bed, switching back and forth between games on my iPhone and Netflix. And to be honest, this was exactly the therapy I needed.  When I was physically weak, my expectations of myself were low. I could kind of just exist. At ground zero, I was ok with just being human. I wasn’t fighting anymore, and I felt a freedom that I hadn’t in a long time.  Some might call this a spiritual awakening. To me, it was a total release. I had to let go of everything because I was mainly useless. And what I had been avoiding, been so afraid of, the big failure, felt really good.

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Is Your Coffee Good For You?

Reading Time: 4 minutesDo you every wonder if your daily cup(s) of joe is healthy, unhealthy, or just neutral?

I’ve had a love/hate affair with coffee for decades. I love the aroma, the ritual, and most of all the jolt of a buzz directly to my central nervous system. When I’m sitting down to write or get some work done, a strong cup of coffee (or even better, espresso) used to be my best friend.

Except for one small problem. Well, a couple of them really. Almost without fail, my beloved cup of coffee would result in a gnawing, hungry feeling in my stomach – not right away but within an hour or two. Some people lose their appetite with coffee and caffeine, but not me! Something in it – and I don’t necessarily think it’s the caffeine, seems to tear at my stomach lining.

I’ve since learned that the acidity in the coffee is likely the culprit. It apparently is associated with all sorts of digestive discomforts – including GERD and heartburn. My problem is neither, but the symptoms are similar.

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How to Combine Learning and Fun

Reading Time: 2 minutes Summer break provides a chance for kids to cut loose and enjoy the freedom of a less structured schedule. However, as parents and teachers know well, months away from academic pursuits can make for a rocky start to a new school year come fall.

During the time when students lose some of the achievement gains they made during the school year, known as the “summer slide,” parents can help kids avoid this learning recession and stay engaged with these tips and ideas from the experts at KinderCare.

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F*ck Diet Culture

Reading Time: 5 minutesI came to really understand this in myself a couple of years ago.  You see, I’d had a pretty typical relationship with my body over my lifespan, things were up and down, but I was doing ok at that point.  And then I had a health problem that no one could figure out and someone suggested that I try a really restrictive diet to help. And in my desperation to feel better, I cut out nearly every food known to humankind.  I mean, I wasn’t eating much. No grains, dairy, legumes, acidic foods (so most fruits, tea, coffee), no nuts or eggs. And I was sad, so so sad. And I lost 10 pounds. And then I realized that it wasn’t helping, so I started eating normally again a few months later and I gained 15 pounds.  I could tell that my mind was terrified that I was going to cut all those foods out again, proving to me that restriction, simply resulted in weight gain after the fact.

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Mother Blame, Mother Love

Reading Time: 3 minutesHow do you find peace with your mother memories, with your relationship with your children, with yourself?

I believe the answer lies in mother forgiveness.

Forgive your mother.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive every transgression, real or perceived. Forgive every lie, forgive every mistake, forgive every mean word, forgive every eye roll.

Simply forgive.

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How To Feel Younger Today

Reading Time: 3 minutesLately I’ve been revisiting the idea of Living Ageless. I was first introduced to this by one of my favorite teachers and writers, Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book Goddesses Never Age, which I’m currently rereading. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already checked it out. Awesome book!

Northrup’s premise is basically that chronological age doesn’t matter nearly as much as we think it does. What makes us feel ‘old’ is our thoughts and the choices we make on a daily or even to moment-to-moment basis. Her book is basically a deep dive into the wise saying, “You’re only as old as you feel.”

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A Surprising Solution for Stressful Thinking

Reading Time: 4 minutesWe all have versions of Mr. Stress running around on steroids in our heads.

For some of us it’s about fear, or anger, self-criticism, or sadness …. and for lots of us it’s anxiety. These gremlins can seem uncontrollable at times. And, at some point in our past it made sense for them to show up.

If you play around with a version of the above, and you’ll discover it can be a powerful solution for relieving the habitual stressful thoughts. Externalize that inner gremlin, give them a name and imagine what they look like. And then sit down to have a conversation.

What new job can you give YOUR most persistent gremlin?

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Terrific Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Reading Time: 3 minutesAre you living a balanced, health-oriented lifestyle? While many older adults may think it’s too difficult to jump in at their age, it’s really never too late to get started. Here are some tips for seniors looking to ensure optimal health so they can make the most of every single day. 

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Detox With the Season: 5 Ways to Clear Stuck Emotions and Support Your Mental and Spiritual Health

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhile it’s vitally important to pay attention to this physical vessel of your body and to nourish it wisely, even more crucial is to tend to your emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. These need a little cleansing and detoxing from time to time as well!

I believe that any cleanse, fast or detox must always include practices that support your mind and spirit as well as your emotional health.

When you give some attention to clearing out the ‘gunk’ in your thoughts, your emotional patterns, while making it a point to nourish and replenish yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally, it becomes so much easier to care for your body wisely.

It’s also natural for old buried emotions and uncomfortable feelings to rise to the surface when you are doing a detox or cleanse in your body. It’s the ideal time to process this and let it go forever!

Below are five ideas for detoxing the mental, emotional and spiritual.

But—even if you’re not doing any sort of physical detox at the moment, you’ll still receive great benefit if you make regular time in your life for these clearing practices.

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