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Warm Yourself with Autumn Soups—3 Easy Recipes

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe act of preparing food to nourish yourself and your loved ones brings a sense of joy and accomplishment – benefits that are difficult to measure, but nonetheless add up.

And, if you’re after saving time, don’t forget the crock pot! If you have one of these versatile kitchen tools, you have a busy soup-maker’s best friend. When I had a family to feed that thing practically lived on my counter during the winter.

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I Want to be a Woman of a Certain Age

Reading Time: 3 minutesI want to be a woman of a certain age.

I want to earn my laugh lines. I want to cackle like a madwoman who doesn’t care who’s watching. I want to laugh until I cry or maybe even pee my pants, just a little. I want to find humor in things that only someone who’s seen some things come and go, can find. I want to giggle with children because I’ve learned what they already know; nothing is ever that serious.

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3 Rituals to Honor and Celebrate Autumn Equinox

Reading Time: 6 minutesUse this energy of the Equinox to connect with your inner knowing.

This is a season of roots. Roots take their time to grow, sweeten and develop their nourishment. They spend months deep in the earth, hibernating and slowing growing.

During fall we become like those roots, it’s good to make time for sleep, rest and renewal. If you allow this time for replenishment you’ll be more primed to tune the wisdom – that is ready to rise and flourish now at midlife.

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The MidLife Health and Wellness Summit

Reading Time: 1 minuteMidlife Lifestyle Coach Kwavi is hosting a Midlife summit to help Midlifers feel more empowered and become advocates for their health and wellness. She has invited me and 25 other experts to speak at this summit and cover topics like health, nutrition, sex, career, mindset, menopause, cosmetics, parenting and other issues that affect the Midlife woman.

You don’t want to miss this FREE Online Health and Wellness Summit created for Midlifers, those about to go into Midlife and Smart Millennials that want to be prepared for this next phase.

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Black Women Get Angry Sometimes. Occasionally in Public. Like Everybody Else.

Reading Time: 7 minutesSomething I haven’t seen mentioned as often, however, is the racist reactions to the incident, all of which turn Serena Williams into a stereotype: the Angry Black Woman. I admit, I have no idea why this is even a “thing.” Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that black women have been angry about nothing for generations. Does this mean that no black woman can have a legitimate reason to be angry? Even if you feel Serena was wrong, all humans can be wrong. Why single us out? Especially when history has given, and continues to give us many reasons to be upset. Let’s start with earning about 68 cents for every dollar earned by white men. I digress.

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Simple, Satisfying Weeknight Solution

Reading Time: 4 minutesHectic daytime schedules can often lead to even busier evenings, which makes putting dinner on the table in less than an hour a valuable time-saver for home chefs. Balancing a busy lifestyle with healthy food choices can certainly become a tall task, but making filling, nutritious meals a priority starts with planning and preparation.

One way to set the course toward more quality weeknight meals at home is planning in advance rather than making day-of decisions. Ensuring you have the correct ingredients on-hand can make meal prep a simpler process once it’s time to get started in the kitchen.

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Smudging: Clear Stuck Energy and Invite Postive Flow Into Your Personal Spaces

Reading Time: 8 minutesI find that the ritual of burning sage (or other herbs) to be incredibly grounding. It helps to clear my own confused or stuck feelings strengthens my intention and definitely dispels stale or dark energy from a room or any space. It’s wonderful for meditation or times when I want to transcend every day thoughts and access a higher level of consciousness.

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A Surprising Secret to Longevity and Lasting Youth

Reading Time: 6 minutesThere’s a simple way to look and feel younger than your biological years might represent, as well as to get a chance for more of those years in this body. It’s something that every one of us has access to and is absolutely free, although few of us make the time to take advantage of it.

It’s all about what we do with our emotions.

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The Stress Response and How to Stop It

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen stress hormones are flowing due to Fight or Flight, then the adrenals are not able to produce another body-repairing hormone called DHEA. This is the growth hormone necessary for building new cells and repairing old worn out ones. DHEA declines naturally with age, and if you’re spending the majority of time in Fight or Flight, you can be pretty much assured that those old worn out cells are not getting the optimum repair. And… hello chronic disease and unpleasant symptoms!

So – what the heck can we do about this?
After all, your body in its infinite wisdom has preserved the fight or flight response so that you are able to respond quickly in bona fide emergencies. How can you reduce the frequency of it, and possibly prevent it from taking hold during non-emergency somewhat stressful situations?

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Ingredients Matter

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen it comes to making tasty meals for your family, you probably know that ingredients matter. From vitamins and nutrients to sugar and acidity, it’s important to know what you’re using in your recipes at every meal and how each ingredient can impact all parts of the body.

To help understand how ingredients matter and how quality ingredients can keep your body healthy, consider these tips from a registered dietitian, celebrity nutritionist and healthy cooking expert Keri Glassman, MS, RDN.

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Do Your Genes Dictate Your Destiny? Maybe Not!

Reading Time: 6 minutesBruce Lipton, a biologist, and researcher, is a pioneering voice challenging the dogma of ‘genetic determinism’ – which has been accepted as truth for more than 50 years. Lipton was a firm believer in this dogma himself, and in fact, even taught it in University until a fateful experiment he performed in the late 1960s changed his entire worldview.

You can learn about the details of his experiment in his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief or in one of his many YouTube videos, but the results that threw him for a loop revealed that—contrary to what he and almost all other scientists believed at the time—cells mutated and changed in response to their environment. In other words, their fate was not predetermined by the genes they carried.

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Beauty is Not in the Eye of the Beholder

Reading Time: 3 minutesBeing gorgeous for a split second to be photo ready in the commercial world, is a very different thing than being the kind of beautiful that weaves in and out of the moments of our days and lives. That kind of beauty has everything to do with how we perceive ourselves, not how others perceive us, because it truly is an inside job. I have coached more than one professional model that had serious self-esteem issues.

We’ve all seen it, going both ways. We’ve all met women who were pretty for a while, but our perception of them changed because they were flowing an energy that wasn’t genuinely attractive. Additionally, we’ve all met the woman who had the attention of everyone around her, in a very positive way, that didn’t meet the standards of “traditional beauty”, but had that little somethin’ somethin’ that turned heads.

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