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Ingredients Matter

When it comes to making tasty meals for your family, you probably know that ingredients matter. From vitamins and nutrients to sugar and acidity, it’s important to know what you’re using in your recipes at every meal and how each ingredient can impact all parts of the body.

To help understand how ingredients matter and how quality ingredients can keep your body healthy, consider these tips from a registered dietitian, celebrity nutritionist and healthy cooking expert Keri Glassman, MS, RDN.

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Do Your Genes Dictate Your Destiny? Maybe Not!

Bruce Lipton, a biologist, and researcher, is a pioneering voice challenging the dogma of ‘genetic determinism’ – which has been accepted as truth for more than 50 years. Lipton was a firm believer in this dogma himself, and in fact, even taught it in University until a fateful experiment he performed in the late 1960s changed his entire worldview.

You can learn about the details of his experiment in his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief or in one of his many YouTube videos, but the results that threw him for a loop revealed that—contrary to what he and almost all other scientists believed at the time—cells mutated and changed in response to their environment. In other words, their fate was not predetermined by the genes they carried.

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Beauty is Not in the Eye of the Beholder

Being gorgeous for a split second to be photo ready in the commercial world, is a very different thing than being the kind of beautiful that weaves in and out of the moments of our days and lives. That kind of beauty has everything to do with how we perceive ourselves, not how others perceive us, because it truly is an inside job. I have coached more than one professional model that had serious self-esteem issues.

We’ve all seen it, going both ways. We’ve all met women who were pretty for a while, but our perception of them changed because they were flowing an energy that wasn’t genuinely attractive. Additionally, we’ve all met the woman who had the attention of everyone around her, in a very positive way, that didn’t meet the standards of “traditional beauty”, but had that little somethin’ somethin’ that turned heads.

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Essential Health Tips for Women Over 40 and Beyond

If you are a woman over 40 and beyond, you’re most likely thinking “What’s the best workout for me?” or “What should I avoid in my workout regimen?” Of course, we know that we need to adjust our workout routine over time as the needs of our body change and evolve but what are the do’s and don’ts? 

These are the questions I frequently get to ask. Today, my friend Tammy Stokes, Celebrity Wellness Expert and owner of West Coast Workout and Café West Express in Atlanta joins me in Kwavi TV to help shed light on this topic. Watch the video and find out what women over 40 should focus on in terms of their workout program. Watch it until the end because we save the best for last!

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The Healing Power of the Bath

Now, true self-care definitely involves a lot more than the occasional—or even frequent—bubble bath. But, if you are lucky enough to have a good bathtub, it’s worth your while to spend some time there.

Baths have many more therapeutic benefits than simply helping you to relax. Stepping into a bath affords an opportunity for some much-needed alone time, it can be almost like a meditation and is certainly a gift to yourself.

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What a Hot Yoga Class Can Teach You About Business, Life and Touching Your Eyebrow With Your Foot

If you constantly pull back from the edge,
you’ll never find out what you’re capable of.
How often does this happen in life?

We feel the awkwardness of doing something different, the discomfort of a new diet/workout schedule/business commitment, and we pull back.

We find an excuse to retreat to ‘normal’.

We never find out how far we can go.

The best way to lean into your edge is first to be aware that it’s there.

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Don’t Travel Without This Miracle Extract

Grapefruit seeds contain a couple of important chemical compounds (polyphenols) called limonoids and naringenin. Apparently, these compounds act as antimicrobials AND antioxidants, so in addition to killing off bad microbes they protect your body’s tissues against the excessive production of reactive oxygen species which can occur when such pathogens infect the tissues.

While there have not been many scientific studies performed on humans on how grapefruit seed extract works, test tube studies have proven that it works as well as some prescription drugs for conditions such as fungal infections.

Natural health practitioners and many users (including me!) can testify to its efficacy for a number of different and persistent problems. Additionally, grapefruit grows in many areas, and peoples of various cultures throughout the world have used grapefruit seeds to cleanse the body of harmful organisms.

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How to Take Care of Yourself When the World is On Fire

Let’s be frank, if self-care could be accomplished with a bubble bath and a good G&T I’d be a whole lot healthier, because that would be a whole lot easier than doing the actual work of taking good care of myself. True self-care takes effort, awareness, and a big dose of grace and kindness.

And I get it, when things feel hard sometimes all we want is for things to feel easier – and sinking down into the couch to binge on Netflix and Cherry Garcia is pretty easy. Indulging eases the pain for a while. But then…

Then we wake up in the morning and hear the latest news. Burn baby burn. Stress at every turn. So, we need to take good care of ourselves because self-care is important when the world is on fire. And right now, it’s getting pretty hot in here.

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Why Those Grey Hairs Are Good News

I’m not trying to tell every women ‘of a certain age’ that they need to completely to surrender to entropy and shrug off the ravages of time. Attention to our appearance, pampering our skin, and, yes–even dying our greying locks to our preferred color, can all be nourishing self-care rituals.

That’s totally up to the individual woman.

But, I do want to challenge you to ask yourself WHY you are engaging in these rituals. Do you love them? Is it enjoyable and fun? (Or is the result enjoyable because YOU love it—rather than because you expect someone else will love you more because of it?)

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If These Hands Could Talk-Natural Treatments for Aging Hands

Although they can seem to just dangle there in the background, the ironic part is, those hands are quite visible and obvious to others. Beauty experts know this of course – and if you’ve been caring for your hands diligently all this time, you may not even need to read this. (Unless you’re interested in some DIY, natural treatments for those long-suffering digits.)

It might seem vain to be focusing on a topic like beauty care for the hands, but I’ve come to understand that taking care of my body is much more than trying to look good in order to garner the approval of others. It is a profound statement of self-love.

Not just in the rote way of, ‘sure I practice self-care because I get manicures and massages’—but in a much deeper way.

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Why I Finally Gave Up Gluten

I’m definitely a fan of baby steps. If you suspect that your body might be reacting to gluten-containing foods, but you just can’t bring yourself to go completely gluten-free, start by simply cutting back. While you may not experience the full benefits, it will likely become easier to cut it out completely if you decide you want to give it a try as well.

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Your Friend The Kegel: Natural Solutions For Urinary Incontinence

You’re Not Alone
I decided to write about this to get this thing more out in the open – and to spread the word about some of (relatively) easy fixes for the problem (depending, of course, on the degree of intensity.) It’s been an on and off problem in my own life for years—and got way worse during perimenopause and menopause.

And I’m just like everyone else – usually too embarrassed to discuss it, even with my friends.

That potty training shame goes deep apparently.

Urinary incontinence affects 10-35 percent of all women, with 35 billion American women throwing down cash for pads and treatments. In fact, more menstrual pads are sold for incontinence than for menstruation!

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