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How to Take Care of Yourself When the World is On Fire

Let’s be frank, if self-care could be accomplished with a bubble bath and a good G&T I’d be a whole lot healthier, because that would be a whole lot easier than doing the actual work of taking good care of myself. True self-care takes effort, awareness, and a big dose of grace and kindness.

And I get it, when things feel hard sometimes all we want is for things to feel easier – and sinking down into the couch to binge on Netflix and Cherry Garcia is pretty easy. Indulging eases the pain for a while. But then…

Then we wake up in the morning and hear the latest news. Burn baby burn. Stress at every turn. So, we need to take good care of ourselves because self-care is important when the world is on fire. And right now, it’s getting pretty hot in here.

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Why Those Grey Hairs Are Good News

I’m not trying to tell every women ‘of a certain age’ that they need to completely to surrender to entropy and shrug off the ravages of time. Attention to our appearance, pampering our skin, and, yes–even dying our greying locks to our preferred color, can all be nourishing self-care rituals.

That’s totally up to the individual woman.

But, I do want to challenge you to ask yourself WHY you are engaging in these rituals. Do you love them? Is it enjoyable and fun? (Or is the result enjoyable because YOU love it—rather than because you expect someone else will love you more because of it?)

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If These Hands Could Talk-Natural Treatments for Aging Hands

Although they can seem to just dangle there in the background, the ironic part is, those hands are quite visible and obvious to others. Beauty experts know this of course – and if you’ve been caring for your hands diligently all this time, you may not even need to read this. (Unless you’re interested in some DIY, natural treatments for those long-suffering digits.)

It might seem vain to be focusing on a topic like beauty care for the hands, but I’ve come to understand that taking care of my body is much more than trying to look good in order to garner the approval of others. It is a profound statement of self-love.

Not just in the rote way of, ‘sure I practice self-care because I get manicures and massages’—but in a much deeper way.

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Why I Finally Gave Up Gluten

I’m definitely a fan of baby steps. If you suspect that your body might be reacting to gluten-containing foods, but you just can’t bring yourself to go completely gluten-free, start by simply cutting back. While you may not experience the full benefits, it will likely become easier to cut it out completely if you decide you want to give it a try as well.

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Your Friend The Kegel: Natural Solutions For Urinary Incontinence

You’re Not Alone
I decided to write about this to get this thing more out in the open – and to spread the word about some of (relatively) easy fixes for the problem (depending, of course, on the degree of intensity.) It’s been an on and off problem in my own life for years—and got way worse during perimenopause and menopause.

And I’m just like everyone else – usually too embarrassed to discuss it, even with my friends.

That potty training shame goes deep apparently.

Urinary incontinence affects 10-35 percent of all women, with 35 billion American women throwing down cash for pads and treatments. In fact, more menstrual pads are sold for incontinence than for menstruation!

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Activism begins at home. Literally.

Cleaning can be a magical act.
Every spell in history is made up of an intention + action. Many’s the wise woman who turned her floor sweeping into the sweeping away of troubles and troublesome people.
Do not discount the potency of house-magic, just because you’ve always seen housework as a chore. As with politics and opinions, perspective is everything.
You get to decide what each and every action ‘means’. If you decide that by literally taking out the trash,  you’re metaphorically tossing out everything that feels like crap …. boom! You’ve cast a spell.

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11 More Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

True confession:  Sometimes I forget to take my own advice. But, I always know when I’m getting off the program when I start struggling with too much wakefulness. Granted, there are many factors at play for those of us who find ourselves wide awake in the middle of the night and/or after shutting off the light to snuggle up for sleep.

Hormones, life events, and many other things play a role. In some cases, it’s a good idea to see a medical or mental health professional to get things sorted out. However, the tips and ideas I’m sharing here and in last week’s post can really shift things, no matter what else is going on.

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There is No Healing Without Love

Our body’s propensity is to heal. You may be doing everything you can to support your body and promote healing – keep doing the things that support you. I had a serious health crisis of my own, and although it was nearly two decades ago, I still vividly remember the frustration of doing everything I knew to do and not finding relief. It’s frustrating. Don’t give up. Infuse your self-care with LOVE.

You are made of Love, worthy of Love, capable of Love…there is so much Love for you in the world. Your heart, mind, soul, body, spirit are all parts of a beautiful miracle that is you.

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Is Your Sunscreen Safe? And Does It Even Work?

The problem with that is your skin is one of the most absorbent organs on your body. So, the lotions and skincare products you apply to your body go pretty much directly into your bloodstream. These sunscreens contain ingredients that most of us would never dream of eating in our food (and the FDA would never allow it), yet somehow it seems okay to put them on our bodies.

A huge percentage of mainstream sunscreens contain oxybenzone, a chemical that can act as a hormone disruptor, causing things like reproductive and developmental toxicity, thyroid problems and other hormonal havoc. (Who needs more problems with their hormones?!) Additionally, as mentioned above, this chemical is now known to damage coral reefs.

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Want Superior Nutrition & Taste Too? Try Some Kale!

This leafy green gives you more nutritional value – with fewer calories – than just about any other food or vegetable!

It contains more than 45 different flavonoids – such as quercetin – which provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Because of this, eating your kale will do its part to help you limit the discomfort of chronic inflammations.

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