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The Industry of Goddess Warriors

Reading Time: 4 minutes What you wear, read, drink, eat or bath in does not make you a Goddess Warrior or Spiritual Woman. It is that which lies within our hearts and souls that connects us to the Divine Mother. It is how inclusive we are, how caring and kind we are and generous with Unconditional Love that pulls us closer into the realm of Spirit. 

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Save Time with Easy Meal Hacks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many families experience the feeling of constant busyness, but there are ways to save time around the house and lift some of those burdens. Consider these simple ways to rethink your dinner routine in an effort to create more moments with loved ones.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes So that is to say – if you were good enough right now, could you enjoy what you have more? Could you be less interested in proving your value to others? What do you think you would lose if that were to happen? What does your mind fear it would lose if it let go of needing to be more, have accolades, to have approval?

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The Guardian: How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Reading Time: 4 minutes When an infected person coughs or sneezes, they release droplets of saliva or mucus. These droplets can fall on people in the vicinity and can be either directly inhaled or picked up on the hands then transferred when someone touches their face, causing infection. For flu, some hospital guidelines define exposure as being within six feet of an infected person who sneezes or coughs for 10 minutes or longer.

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