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We all know who these two humans were – My question is, do we know who we are?

Reading Time: 4 minutes We've all wondered. History has never quit asking the question. How did the people of Germany stand by and let it happen?  Why didn't the stop the Nazis?   It's not hard for me to imagine that now. It's not hard for me to imagine how uncomfortable it was for them to watch the jews get loaded onto trains and taken away. It probably made them uneasy. So, they turned away and history tells their stories because they sat idly by, feeling uncomfortable, maybe even afraid, and did nothing.  

Evolve, Relate


5 ways we are encouraged to blame women and girls for being raped and abused

Reading Time: 11 minutes Having spent 10 years working with women and girls subjected to sexual and domestic violence of all kinds, I have never had a case or a caseload in which the woman or girl was not being blamed for what someone else (usually a man) was doing to her. Sometimes she is blamed by her family, sometimes by her partner. Sometimes she is blamed by police or by social workers. Sometimes it’s the mental health team blaming her.

Victim blaming is the act of transferring the blame from the perpetrator (who is 100% to blame for sexual offences they commit) and moving that blame back to the victim of the sexual offences.

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We will not be silenced

Reading Time: 1 minute One of the Democratic lawmakers criticized by President Trump’s racist attacks in recent days called the President’s remarks a “disruptive distraction” and said that she would encourage the American people “to not take the bait.”

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When You Clean Your House To Avoid Other Stuff

Reading Time: 3 minutes The desire to shed residual trappings of WhoYouWere is PROOF that you’ve already begun recalibrating 
and your Inner Knowing that the next step is a non-metaphorical clean slate.

Because our ‘stuff’’ speaks volumes, both to- and about us, yes?

And when you move your inner stuff, 
your outer stuff suddenly doesn’t feel right.

It feels like not-you.

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