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Editorial: Trump Calls for a Vote In The House on Impeachment Now—He’s right

Reading Time: 2 minutes When the Administration’s cover up of the Ukraine call is so clear and when the President has turned to now publicly making the same overtures that he tried to cover up it is clearly time for a vote on impeachment. As soon as Trump publicly enlisted China’s help in his re-election, he closed the case on himself and now fully deserves to get what is coming to him and quickly.

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White women are the fuel for the Patriarchy and they are burning themselves alive

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are more white women in Alabama and every other state in the nation than there are white men. So, we can thank the women for the laws that put every woman in the nation at risk physically, legally, and economically. White women are the gatekeepers to any political district. They did this because it couldn’t have happened without them.

And you know what? They knew exactly what they were doing when they elected this legislature. They do not care. Their husbands and sugar daddies can afford to put them on a plane and uber them from the airport to the clinic in New York City for their abortions – and make no mistake, that’s happening now and will continue to happen because it always has.

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Repeat after me: The Barr Letter is Not the Mueller Report

Reading Time: 4 minutes JUNE 8, 2018: William Barr sends an unsolicited memo to the DOJ berating the Special Counsel investigation and asserting that a sitting President cannot obstruct justice.

NOV 7, 2018: Trump ousts Sessions

DEC 7, 2018: Nominates Barr

FEB 14, 2019: Barr confirmed

MAR 24, 2019: Barr dismisses Mueller report, says Trump is innocent of obstruction

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