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5 Tips for Staying on Track in the New Year

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhile many people often wish maintaining good health was as easy as following an equation, health doesn’t have a start or end date. Once the allure of the new year wears off, it can be easy to let those resolutions go by the wayside.

When you focus on making small, positive changes, you can move your health goals forward throughout the year, no matter where you are on your health journey. To help stay on track, consider these easy-to-implement ideas from registered dietitian Annessa Chumbley:

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Mindful Mondays

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe first day of the week is devoted entirely to journaling and inner work and the weekly nest-maintenance things like laundry, floors and bathrooms.

The inner work sets the tone for the day, 
which makes the housekeepery become an extension of the inner work.

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5 Tips for Coping with Chronic Pain

Reading Time: 3 minutes“The country is facing intertwined crises of opioid misuse and chronic pain management. Non-opioid, non-pharmacological treatments such as acupuncture and other similar interventions can be essential in handling patients’ pain management as a complement to lessen dependency on opioid prescriptions and serve as a more effective holistic therapy for chronic pain,” said Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, chief executive officer of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). “The care provided by NCCAOM National Board-Certified Acupuncturists is essential in continuing the movement toward greater integrative and complementary pain care, especially as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to harmful opioid prescriptions.”

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Time: The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday

Reading Time: 5 minutesI do not wonder about this: Thanksgiving really has nothing to do with Native Americans, and everything to do with an old (but not the oldest) guard conjuring a lie of the first peoples welcoming the settlers to bolster their false authority over what makes a “real” American. (Remember, only in 1924 were Native Americans allowed to become citizens of the United States — and it took decades more for all states to permit us to vote.) It is a story of supposed unity, drained of the bloodshed, and built for the sake of division.

Many of my indigenous brothers and sisters refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving, protesting the whitewashing of the horrors our ancestors went through, and I don’t blame them. But I have not abandoned the holiday. I have just changed how I practice it.

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5 Hacks for Holiday Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt may feel impossible to fit even more into already jam-packed days, but when the holidays roll around, entertaining and celebrating always find a way. Fortunately, you can find some shortcuts when hosting that offer plenty of festive style while also helping you avoid stressing over every detail.

This year, rely on some time-saving hacks so you’re not just throwing the holiday party, but enjoying some seasonal fun of your own.

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Adventurous Travel for the Winter Season

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere is something about the winter months that seems to awaken a sense of wanderlust in many people. Whether it’s the need for an escape from the bitter, drab conditions or a desire for a break from the hectic schedule that often accompanies the season, carving out time to head south may be the perfect pick-me-up.

In fact, because of the cluster of holidays and time off from school, the winter months can be the perfect time to get away. A destination like Texas offers mild weather in the winter, not too hot or too cold, which makes for an opportunity to spend time at the state’s beaches. Of course, the region is also home to a variety of unique activities, museums, restaurants and attractions that can be enjoyed during the colder season due to the climate. When planning your trip, consider these fun-filled vacation ideas.

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