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Category: Elevate

Peanut-Powered Protein

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sitting down for a homemade meal may feel harder to come by these days, but recipes that are both nutritious and flavorful can help bring your loved ones together at the family table.

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Summer Wine Savvy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rosé slushies. Spiked seltzers. Boozy ice pops. Has young adults’ quest for the next party gimmick led to soulless substitutes for real, quality wines?

It’s not hard to find wines with well-balanced natural flavors, according to Leslie Sbrocco, author of “The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide.” She recommends looking for wine from different international regions, like Wines of Sicily, which guarantee value and quality, and are made from more than 400 wineries across the island.

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Lizzo: Tiny Desk Concert – A lesson in joyfully owning your space

Reading Time: 1 minute Lizzo is the latest guest in NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. The singer, rapper, and flautist ran through three songs from her April major-label debut LP Cuz I Love You. She led with a scalding version of the titular gospel ballad, performed her singles “Truth Hurts” and “Juice,” and incorporated a lot of banter using the phrase “tiny ass desk.”

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Being Human Guide: How to Sit with It

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Sit with it. That phrase shows up in the self-help vernacular a lot these days. But what does that mean? More importantly, how do you do it? It sounds kind of impossible, especially when something is really stuck in your craw. It’s like when someone tells you to let it go and you feel like saying, if I could let it go then it wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Sitting with it implies not taking action, not changing a situation, not working it out. This seems particularly challenging for those of us who are used to making an effort, who engage with life by doing something about it. Sitting with it sounds uncomfortable, victim-y even. Like maybe I just have to take this. But to me, sitting with it may mean that instead of running away from whatever’s after us, we’re hanging around. It means we can take a good hard look at what’s going on for us that makes us want to escape and the information we find may be priceless.

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When You Clean Your House To Avoid Other Stuff

Reading Time: 3 minutes The desire to shed residual trappings of WhoYouWere is PROOF that you’ve already begun recalibrating 
and your Inner Knowing that the next step is a non-metaphorical clean slate.

Because our ‘stuff’’ speaks volumes, both to- and about us, yes?

And when you move your inner stuff, 
your outer stuff suddenly doesn’t feel right.

It feels like not-you.

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A Sweet Superfruit for Summer Meals

Reading Time: 3 minutes From backyard barbecues and family picnics to a bright addition to seasonal recipes, sweet cherries not only provide a boost of flavor but also pack a punch when it comes to nutrition, helping keep you and your family healthy during busy summer months.

Cherries can help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure as well as relieve stress and gout, and can improve sleep quality.

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The Week: I found the internet’s good place. It’s dogs.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The other day, I was just goofing around on Twitter, procrastinating some other thing, as a writer on deadline is wont to do, and I asked a question, or rather, issued a polite demand: “Pls send me your best dog names.” A friend was adopting a new corgi puppy, and she’d asked me for name ideas. Naming a dog is way more fun than meeting a deadline, so of course, I would help. And so would Twitter.

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