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In Defense of the Selfie

I don’t say that lightly. I began to see myself with the love and devotion that I saw all the people I’ve taken pictures of over the years. I can delete liberally. I can pose honestly. I can be relaxed with myself in a way I was never able to relax in front of the camera before. I can be seen on my terms and by learning to do that, I have become much more comfortable being seen through the lenses of other people’s cameras and I have put myself in the pictures of my own life with the people I love. That is a big deal.

Photography is a meditation on beauty, and a selfie might be the most important picture you will ever take. Get your camera or phone out, and start meditating. Self-acceptance is priceless and it’s a few, or a few hundred clicks away. No matter how many clicks it takes, it’s worth it.

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Activism begins at home. Literally.

Cleaning can be a magical act.
Every spell in history is made up of an intention + action. Many’s the wise woman who turned her floor sweeping into the sweeping away of troubles and troublesome people.
Do not discount the potency of house-magic, just because you’ve always seen housework as a chore. As with politics and opinions, perspective is everything.
You get to decide what each and every action ‘means’. If you decide that by literally taking out the trash,  you’re metaphorically tossing out everything that feels like crap …. boom! You’ve cast a spell.

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Turning Chores And Routines, into Rehearsal and Ritual

Turning your routines into ritual gives you so much more connection with your home, with your stuff. It’s a connection to your outsides, from your insides. When you reframe house-“work” into house-care, it changes how you tend to your home.

Think of a house-care task that needs to be done. One that you usually put off or avoid altogether. Play with what meaning it has for you and see how you can sprinkle some fairy dust on it.

How can you infuse magic into that task?

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The One-Size-Fits-All Mentality that Saturates the Self-Improvement World Might Not Be Helpful

While most self-help teachers are in love with their own particular technique – which is totally fine and right, for them – I’m suggesting that the one-size-fits-all mentality that saturates the self-improvement world might not be helpful.

Perhaps not everyone ‘should’ be scripting about living a five-star life, but would get much more manifesting juice by actually spending a night in a luxury hotel or by wearing something that makes them feel rich.
Perhaps not everyone is hardwired to repeat affirmations in their heads, but would find the tactile rhythm of chanting round mala beads far more potent?
Perhaps acknowledging your personal ‘programming’ might help you choose a practice that is more likely to succeed from the get-go.

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There is Alchemy in the Details

The non-essentials are what makes life worth living.
Doing the non-essential provides fuel. Doing things that are important to you, but not necessary makes doing the critical tasks feel less like work.

Without the beauty of the non-essential life starts to look and feel very black and white. It loses its juiciness, and without that juice, you lose inspiration, and without inspiration, energy starts running low fast.

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You’ll hear me say this over and over again … if your home makes you feel supported + nourished + optimistic, it’s an ally.
But if it feels draining or frustrating or overwhelming, it’s a detraction and distraction.
When your home reflects Who-You’re-Becoming, rather than who you were, you will see results faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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Don’t Make Big Decisions From A Small Place

Your STARself is you at your most fab, your most potent, your most poised and powerful.
When you’re rooted in your STARself, the out-of-reach becomes possible, and the ‘shoulds’ fade away.
Words flow. Inspiration calls. Next-steps are obvious.
It’s bliss-filled and bountiful. And it’s where-and-who you’re meant to be.

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The Beauty of Boredom

It takes a lot of energy to push against inertia. There’s enough spoons. Give a reference for that to get your locomotive moving. A locomotive, a big steam locomotive can be held in place, despite all its power by one small block of wood placed on the track. Once it gets moving, that block of wood would be smashed to smithereens.

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The Life Transforming Magic Of The Perfect Day Exercise

If you’ve ever worked with a coach or read a self-help book, you’ve probably heard of the perfect day exercise. You know, you’re supposed to write a description of what a perfect day would be. It is intended to give you clarity about what you want and inspire you to make appropriate changes to get there.

The first time I did it, in coach training, I felt like the purpose of the exercise was to remind me how much my life sucked and how far I was from having anything I wanted.

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