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Repeat after me: The Barr Letter is Not the Mueller Report

Reading Time: 4 minutesJUNE 8, 2018: William Barr sends an unsolicited memo to the DOJ berating the Special Counsel investigation and asserting that a sitting President cannot obstruct justice.

NOV 7, 2018: Trump ousts Sessions

DEC 7, 2018: Nominates Barr

FEB 14, 2019: Barr confirmed

MAR 24, 2019: Barr dismisses Mueller report, says Trump is innocent of obstruction

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Stop asking me ‘what about men?’

Reading Time: 7 minutesWe do not need to centre men in every conversation we have. Women and girls are valid entities, independent from men.
We need to get to a point where we can talk about women’s issues and get the same level of respect we get when we talk about men’s issues.
Until then, your ‘Whataboutery’ is unwelcome here.

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One Common Denominator

Reading Time: 5 minutesAs the words of our President have become a part of the manifesto of a crazed killer on the opposite side of our planet, we need to start taking the responsibility of what’s happening here much more seriously because this is not normal. House Speaker Pelosi was recently quoted as saying although Trump is not fit to be president she also didn’t think he’s worth the impeachment process. Those words make no sense to me.

I’ll tell you who else might question that logic: The people of Christchurch New Zealand who are in the process of burying their dead. Trump is more than an inconvenience. He is beyond the pale of unfit to lead. He is dangerous to himself and others and we cannot normalize that. If we do, we won’t recognize ourselves when this is over.

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The Guardian: Climate change Why you’ll never meet a white supremacist who cares about climate change

Reading Time: 5 minutesOur work as climate activists arises from the recognition that acts have consequences, and consequences come with responsibilities, and we are responsible for the fate of this earth, for all living things now and in the future we are choosing with our actions– or inactions – in the present. But also from the recognition that ecological connectedness contains a deep beauty tantamount to love. Our goal as climate activists is to protect life. Those children and youth standing up for the future in Christchurch and in more than 1,700 other cities around the world were already the answer we needed.

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Huffpo: Rosario Dawson Confirms Relationship With Sen. Cory Booker

Reading Time: 2 minutesRosario Dawson confirmed that she’s dating Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and that she thinks he’s “brilliant and kind and caring.”

In an interview with TMZ at the Washington area’s Reagan National Airport on Thursday, the 39-year-old actress said she was in a relationship with the 49-year-old Booker and that she’s so “grateful” to be with him.

“I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much who is so brilliant and kind and caring and loving,” she told the outlet.

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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe right-wing attack on two New Zealand mosques Friday, which left nearly 50 dead and dozens wounded, seemed specifically designed to go viral. In the wake of the shooting, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were left scrambling to stop the spread of a 17-minute video of the attack, recorded by the 28-year-old Australian gunman, that was live-streamed and shared across all three platforms. Tech giants have faced versions of this same struggle before, having repeatedly failed to tamp down on conspiracy theories after other large-scale tragedies. But the Christchurch video, and companies’ efforts to contain it, has intensified scrutiny of the platforms’ handling of offensive and dangerous content—particularly when the perpetrator is Web-savvy.

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Vox: Court ruling: Trump administration must take responsibility for all children it separated

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt’s not clear that the government would be able to make a full accounting no matter how hard it tried. And many of the administration’s critics, who have been demanding reunification of all separated families, may not feel an accounting is enough. But the new order is an effort to force the government to at least officially acknowledge responsibility not just for the parents and children it held in custody when it was ordered to stop family separations, but for the families it separated as a matter of standard practice for coming to the US without papers. In other words, the administration is being asked to assume responsibility for family separation itself.

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Are You Really Embracing Workplace Diversity? Four Things to Think About

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe benefits of diversity in the workplace are many. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce is linked to greater innovation and creativity. Organizations with females in top management and on boards show better financial results. Researchers have found that having racial diversity in a group leads to better problem solving and broader thinking and consideration of alternatives. And, having a diverse workforce brings a range of perspectives and experiences that can allow the organization to be more in touch with the diverse population at large.

Therefore, when job vacancies arise, in addition to thinking about the needed skill sets and values that would be attractive in potential candidates, it’s worthwhile to consider bringing additional diversity (of thought, background, gender, age, etc.) into your team.

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