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Category: Informed

Huffpo: She Was Sex Trafficked At 14 — Then Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Reading Time: 14 minutes There is little precise data on domestic sex trafficking, because victims are hard to identify and there is no standardized system for tracking them. But there are hundreds of thousands of human trafficking victims in the U.S., according to Polaris, an anti-trafficking organization, and studies show that most sex trafficking survivors in this country are U.S.-born women and girls of color who are first exploited as minors. In Texas — which, along with California and Florida, is one of the top three states for sex trafficking cases — there are almost 79,000 victims under 25, according to a 2017 study by the University of Texas at Austin.

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CNN: Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump is melting down. There’s lots of evidence she’s right

Reading Time: 4 minutes Trump is the nuclear reactor here. He is, by nature, unstable. But through a series of measures — mostly cooling rods — his energies are channeled as effectively as possible. Still, instability remains. And the second the methods to keep the him mostly in check malfunction, the temperature begins to spike. And spike. And at some point, the temperature reaches a place where there are no solutions that can avoid disaster.

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Vice: The invisible: this is how the children of prisoners live in Mexico

Reading Time: 4 minutes When this day is over, about 700 children will have gone to bed inside a Mexican prison. Not because they are criminals, but because their mothers broke the law. These are minors who were with them at the time of their arrest, or who were procreated behind bars, and who today suffer from the deplorable conditions of Mexican prisons. They are the invisible children of the National Penitentiary System.

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Editorial: Hugs, Bibles, and Bypassing

Reading Time: 4 minutes However, the constant drumbeat of the moral superiority of love and niceness has provided too much cover for too many people, for too long. Some people’s different beliefs cause harm. Sometimes that harm is uncalculable and wildly unpredictable.

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The Week: Joe Biden- The only conservative running for president

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joe Biden is a conservative. Throughout his career he has taken his strongest public stands in favor of norms, rules, traditions, and institutions designed to restrain and balance competing forces in our politics. He tends not to be motivated by moral or ideological imperatives. This is abundantly clear from his long-standing record of hesitation to support impeachment as a remedy for presidential malfeasance, recently and usefully summarized in The New York Times.

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Editorial: Trump Calls for a Vote In The House on Impeachment Now—He’s right

Reading Time: 2 minutes When the Administration’s cover up of the Ukraine call is so clear and when the President has turned to now publicly making the same overtures that he tried to cover up it is clearly time for a vote on impeachment. As soon as Trump publicly enlisted China’s help in his re-election, he closed the case on himself and now fully deserves to get what is coming to him and quickly.

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The New Yorker: Did Donald Trump Just Self-impeach?

Reading Time: 6 minutes You could practically hear the collective gasp in Washington. Republicans had spent days denying what Trump had more or less just admitted to. “As President Trump keeps talking, he makes it more and more difficult for his supporters to mount an actual defense of his underlying behavior,” Philip Klein, the executive editor of the Washington Examiner, a conservative magazine, soon wrote. It was as though Richard Nixon in 1972 had gone out on the White House lawn and said, Yes, I authorized the Watergate break-in, and I’d do it again. It was as though Bill Clinton in 1998 had said, Yes, I lied under oath about my affair with Monica Lewinsky, and I’d do it again.

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The Root: Botham Jean, Amber Guyger and the Delusion of Forgiveness

Reading Time: 4 minutes “What white people are really asking for when they demand forgiveness from a traumatized community is absolution. They want absolution from the racism that infects us all even though forgiveness cannot reconcile America’s racist sins. They want absolution from their silence in the face of all manner of racism, great and small,” Roxane Gay wrote in the New York Times. “I, for one, am done forgiving.”

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