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Category: Informed

The Root: Trump Retweets Photoshopped Image of Nancy Pelosi in a Hijab Because a Muslim Is Obviously More Dangerous Than a Degenerate Wannabe Dictator

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Monday morning, the white supremacist of the highest order and the Whitest House thought it would be funny to retweet a Photoshopped image of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wearing traditional Muslim garb and standing in front of an Iranian flag.

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The Root: The President of the United States Just Publicly Went Out Like a Bitch. And That’s Fine by Us

Reading Time: 2 minutes The most important point of the president’s ramblings was that no Americans were killed in Tuesday’s bombings. The president believes this was intentional and it doesn’t matter to me as long as more people didn’t die behind his bullshit. What would be amazing now, would be if the president stopped talking like he “keeps that fire on him” and starts acting like the bitch that he is.

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Soleimani attack: What does international law say?

Reading Time: 5 minutes “In the Soleimani case, the US is claiming it acted in self-defence to prevent imminent attacks, a category of action which, if in fact true, is generally seen as being permissible under the UN Charter,” says Dapo Akande, professor of public international law at Oxford University and co-director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC).

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Mansplaining convention coming to Orlando promises to ‘Make Women Great Again’

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the 22 Convention, the story of feminist liberation is reversed, revealed to be a narrative of propaganda that’s “led millions of women down a path of endless heartbreak, dead-end relationships.” Other people, like actual women, might say feminism has opened their eyes to the treachery that is a life consumed by winning the favor of idiot men.

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Vox: One surprisingly simple reason evangelicals love Trump

Reading Time: 4 minutes Trump is betting that evangelicals will maintain their hardline views on immigration
Burge’s findings are in line with prior polling on evangelicals’ positions on immigration issues. An October PRRI survey of more than 2,000 voters found that Republican white evangelical Protestants were 75 percent more likely than all Republicans to assert that “immigrants are invading American society.”

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Politico: How Close Did Russia Really Come to Hacking the 2016 Election?

Reading Time: 26 minutes “The FBI and DHS keep reassuring the public that they’ve ‘got this,’ but the lack of transparency and visibility into the investigations [of what occurred in 2016] doesn’t inspire confidence or provide assurance to the public that we can trust the process,” said Susan Greenhalgh, vice president of policy and programs for National Election Defense Coalition. “Elections demand transparency. Concealing the investigations and findings from the public directly undermines trust and confidence.”

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Editorial: Impeachment without removal ~ is it really worth all the trouble??

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many might think I’m being overly dramatic when I say we’ve watched our democracy die in plain sight. It’s been a slow, painful, messy, bloody death of one of the most cherished institutions history will ever know. Now we can mince words, and say it was never really a democracy because it was always a republic, and while political science majors can have fun with that debate, the reality is our nation, as we knew it will never be the same as it once was.

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