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Public Service Alert for Men

Reading Time: 7 minutesPay attention and listen. Evaluate your relationship. I am trying to help you out.

You know how there is nothing you can do to make her happy? Sex is not fun anymore? She recoils at your touch sometimes? Maybe she is never physically satisfied with sex? Maybe she has packed on more weight than looks attractive to you? Yeah, all of that. Have you ever considered that maybe she herself was a victim of rape or sexual assault? Yup. Maybe.

So what now, right?

Back up and listen closely. Time for you to learn, brother!

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A Racially Subversive Bernie Sanders?

Reading Time: 4 minutesBlack and brown people are lazy. They would rather lay around collecting government benefits and having babies than work. Thus, the primary goal of poverty policy should be forcing them to work. This song has been playing on repeat within American politics for a couple decades.

Politicians use these stereotypes, or dog whistles, on the campaign trail. They are associated with some significant baggage. Perceived differences have historically prevented some white workers from joining in common cause with people of color in fights for living wages. They have otherwise prevented some white Americans from working with people of color in ensuring our government works for us all.

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The Cut: American women are furious — and our politics and culture will never be the same.

Reading Time: 19 minutesFemale candidates signed up to run not just for school boards — though yeah, those too — but for all kinds of elected positions. So far this year, record numbers of women have secured nominations in state legislative, congressional, gubernatorial, and senate races, including more than a hundred teachers who entered primaries from West Virginia to Oklahoma to Arizona, states where teachers, many female, led strikes this spring.

Meanwhile, high-school students, women prominent among them, started a widespread movement for gun control, calling powerful people out on their BS and promising a revolt against a gun lobby that has held America in its grip for too long. On the opening day of the Kavanaugh hearings, it was a Women’s March leader, Linda Sarsour, who was the first to stand and yell — and she and a co-leader, Bob Bland, were among those arrested.

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Who Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Narrated by Catherine Cohen | NowThis

Reading Time: 1 minuteSarah Huckabee Sanders went from her father’s failed presidential campaigns to being the lead defender of Trump’s most bizarre and harmful ‘alternative facts.’ Comedian Catherine Cohen explains how Huckabee Sanders went from delivering pies for Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris to attacking CNN’s Jim Acosta for the Trump Administration.

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Brett Kavanaugh May Very Well THINK He’s Telling the Truth and that Doesn’t Mean it Didn’t Happen

Reading Time: 2 minutesThat Dr. Ford carried this trauma with her – carries it today – does not surprise me. It would surprise me if I had a female friend who didn’t carry similar trauma, really.

What deeply saddens me is that the trauma which has outlined her life for over 30 years is completely unmemorable to Judge Kavanaugh. And if he wasn’t the perpetrator, then it’s unmemorable to whoever that man was.

Because it was meaningless to him. And it was everything to her.

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Female Chief Terminates 850 Child Marriages in Malawi and Sends Girls Back to School

Reading Time: 2 minutesA Malawian female chief has established a new law to prevent child marriage in Malawi and has terminated approximately 850 child marriages across the country to date.

Theresa Kachindamoto, a senior chief in the Dedza district of Malawi, claimed that her decision to take a stand came from her frustration over seeing 12-year-old girls walking around with babies on their hips.

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Evacuating While Black, Brown, or Poor Highlights the Unexpected Benefits of Privilege

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhile millions of Americans on the Carolina and Georgia coasts are filling up their gas tanks and evacuating their homes to safety, millions of others aren’t. As we watch the coverage showing people who aren’t evacuating the same question always comes up. Why doesn’t everyone just leave?

Yes, some people stay because they enjoy the thrill.
Some people stay because they want to protect their property.
Some people stay for the hurricane party.

However, a lot of people who should evacuate stay for reasons many people can’t understand that have nothing to do with the party. For a variety of reasons people who live in poverty often find it impossible to evacuate. Additionally for many reasons people of color are disproportionately affected by hurricanes.

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Reading Time: 7 minutesI remember the moment I walked into the Egyptian Ballroom in Atlanta’s Fox Theater to see an art exhibition called The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago’s feminist-awakening homage to women—and my first real history lesson! It was early October 1982 and I didn’t know what I was in for; yet I could feel the womb of womanly beauty and power and mystery all around me. It was as though I was reclaiming something, but it’d be years before I had the words to express it.

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America’s Biggest Conspiracy Theory Is Real: The Racist Truth Behind the Myth of Voter Fraud

Reading Time: 7 minutesLike most conspiracy theories, until you read the facts, it all seems too crazy to be true.

It sounds as preposterous as the government poisoning black people in St. Louis with big fans. The U.S. vote suppression scheme seems as crazy as a four-decade medical experiment on black Alabama farmers. Saying that North Carolina Republicans prevent black people from voting is almost as ludicrous as announcing that the state had a Department of Eugenics to prevent black babies from being born, which is to say …

It is 100 percent real.

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25th Amendment: The Political Apocalypse

Reading Time: 4 minutesBoth the 25th amendment and impeachment have deeply painful ramifications for our nation. Our republican led congress seems to lack the will to take on the duty of protecting our nation from a madman. This is why the midterms are so critical. However, the NYT op-ed gives me both hope and a shudder of terror at the prospect that impeachment is not our only way out. “Adults in the room” are doing what they have to do. If it turns out the executing the 25th is what must be done, Trump may be gone but chances are high no one will like it when the dust settles.

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Kakenya Ntaiya: A Girl Who Demanded School

Reading Time: 1 minuteKakenya Ntaiya made a deal with her father: She would undergo a traditional Maasai rite of passage, female circumcision if he would let her go to high school. Ntaiya tells the fearless story of continuing on to college, and of working with her village elders to build a school for girls in her community, changing the destiny of 125 young women.

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QAnon: The Conspiracy Craziness You’ll Be Hearing More About

Reading Time: 7 minutesAt a recent Trump rally in Tampa, the mass public was exposed to a movement that’s been lurking in the darker corners of the internet quite some time. Q is a fringe movement that discusses, digests, and dissects several loosely connected and vaguely defined — and baseless — conspiracy theories and the numbers of people following Q are growing rapidly.

In one shot on Fox News of this rally, the camera angle of the president was partially blocked by a sign in the crowd reading “We Are Q.” It wasn’t the only sign supporting Q in the audience. Some attendees wore T-shirts with a blocky Q. Others held up signs with the letter. It raised some questions and some eyebrows.

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