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Reading Time: 3 minutes When we feel like we need to compete for our place, say in our career or with relationships or any of the things we think we need to make us happy, we can get single-minded. We can push and compare and tear ourselves and others apart over and over until we have nothing left but fear and isolation. Because even if you do get to the top or are considered “the best,” nothing really changes. Your mind just looks for the next thing it thinks it needs to find security.

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Is a zero f*cks approach really possible?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is much easier to write about than to practice – I fully admit that. I’ve lost whole days to being absorbed by whether or not I possibly offended someone. Yet, I am a very bland incarnation of myself when I care so much, so I will choose to push on and maybe I can drop a fuck or two every day until this whole thing becomes a little less painful, a little less excruciating, and maybe in the best way, a little less safe.

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But, Does He Like Me??

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you genuinely enjoy your own company enough that you’re seriously hesitant to give it up, it’s probably a good indicator you highly value yourself and your time. Then and only then are you truly ready to date and lined up to attract someone amazing who will be really stoked you put your time in to be ready for them.

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Just Another Beautiful Family Short Documentary

Reading Time: 1 minute First-time filmmakers Katherine and Nick fell in love, turned their worlds upside down and lived to tell about it. Their first joint project is this person documentary about how they fell in love, became a blended family with five kids, and navigated Nick’s gender transition from female to male.

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When in fear, anger, or confusion, make deposits

Reading Time: 1 minute There is a new book that is so relevant – Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety by Dr. John Duffy. This podcast shares a mission with this book – to deepen our understanding of what it is like to be a teen in the digital age. Today’s episode examines the first part of this important book and looks at strategies to help parents understand the new adolescent and to move through fear, anger and confusion to connection and consistent deposits in the Emotional Bank Account.

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Words are like marching orders for your emotions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Modern psychology illustrates that how we narrate our lives will ultimately determine the quality of our experiences. We are literally always in the process of writing our own stories. The words we use are important, but most of the time we narrate our experiences without realizing we are in control of the storyline.

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