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How to Care for Yourself if You Are Susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections & Yeast Infection

I recommend these holistic methods for dealing with bacterial vaginosis, yeasties, or general chafing from clothes or sex or hot weather: I use tea tree oil suppositories by the half or the full dose when I begin to feel a little ‘sting’ down there due to vaginal imbalance. I also just discovered MomotaroApotheca’s vaginal wellness salve and it’s already saved my vulva from some irritation a couple of times.

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How to Fix a Boring Relationship: Inquiring Reader Wants to Know

If all you have to talk about is dry cleaning and bills you should make it a priority to be doing or learning something interesting to bring to the table. The first step to fixing anything always starts with you. In this case, the fixing is fun. Basically, you probably need to be having more fun so you have some of that kind of energy to inject into your relationship.

Waiting for your relationship to relieve your boredom will never work. You have to be the spark that starts the fire.

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How to Spot a Lie

I always say you want to be in a relationship with someone who has one personality. They are awesome in private and in public. They are exactly who they say they are no matter what’s going on around them. We like to give people the benefit of the doubt. We don’t want to be “too picky”. However, if you want the love of your dreams, be uncompromising. Choose like your life, or at least the life of your dreams, depends on it because it does.


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Enlightened Boundary Setting

Enlightened boundary setting is about figuring out what you want instead of what you don’t want. Decide very specifically what experiences you want to share with someone and set the bar there. You get to choose. How good to you want it to be? If things start drifting off script, unplug and try again later, or not. However, when you’re dialed down on what you do want with your clear intention set, you are already about one hundred times more likely to enjoy the ride.

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Why You Have To Be The Person You Want To Attract

The question to ask yourself is this, “Am I the kind of person who my dream man or woman would fall in love with, for real?”

Trust me on this, no matter where you’re at, you can and might attract someone into your life. Everyone wants to be loved by someone. However, if you aren’t the person the future love of your life would fall for, right now, should you really be dating until you are?

Probably not.

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So… What About Sex Clubs???

Determine what “wild night” means to you and him: Do you want to watch on your first visit and maybe play with other people engaging with others on a later visit? What is he interested in? Does he want to dance with other people, flirt with other people? I first went with a particular boyfriend and we discovered quickly that I was comfortable and he was not.

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When Kids Want Ideas, Hand Them a Dust Cloth

So, if you’re ever thinking this summer that you really “should” do more to keep your kids busy, you might want to think again. 

Encourage them to come up with their own ideas. If possible, you can provide the support when they ask for rides, money, supervision and supplies. 

They may balk at first, thinking it’s easier for Mom to do things for them. In the short run, that may be true. But by putting the ball in their court, you’re conveying your faith in their ability to create their own good time. You’re letting them know that you believe they can do it. And they can.

You’re also taking the pressure off yourself which is a good thing in itself.

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There’s a bit of intrigue associating the honey in “honeymoon” and the ancient legend of the honeybee’s luscious nectar with love and sex. In her book, The Hive: The Story of the Honeybee and Us, Bee Wilson muses how human civilization would have barely survived without the honeybee: its wax was used to create light in a dark world and its honey gave nourishment and medicine.

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5 Rules for a Great First Date

First of all, I’d like to say, good for you, for getting out there. Dating is a courageous act. To keep doing it when you feel like you’re not doing well is downright brave! Secondly, I’d prefer not to focus on what’s going wrong, because it’s anyone’s guess. Without a hidden camera and a microphone at this point, we might never know. Not to mention, you might be doing everything right, but now that you’ve come to expect a less than perfect result, that’s what you’re getting.

Secondly, I’d prefer not to focus on what’s going wrong, because it’s anyone’s guess. Without a hidden camera and a microphone at this point, we might never know. Not to mention, you might be doing everything right, but now that you’ve come to expect a less than perfect result, that’s what you’re getting.

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The F*ckboy Filtration System – Patented and Tested Method for Weeding Out the Man-children

When I got a bit older, I tested and patented a new system I like to call Fuckboy FiltrationTM. It’s where you ask for what you want when you want it. For example: If I didn’t feel secure, I would let the person I was dating know, and tell him what I needed to feel better. If I wanted a relationship to move forward I would outline my expectations: where I wanted things to go, when I wanted that, and what would happen if those expectations weren’t met. I even sometimes went out of my way to be terrifying, like “Hello, hi, are we dating, is it serious, it puts the lotion on its skin.”

The result? Singlehood. Glorious, powerful, elective singlehood. Also, some (lots of) crying.

The men that were spooked by these conversations faded away. Almost every time I did this I was ghosted within a month. And…I loved it. Obviously, it was frustrating at times, but I knew that I was successfully filtering out people who didn’t want what I wanted, or who just didn’t want to be with me.

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After changing into a sleek and sexy white halter-neck dress, Meghan wore designer high heels with soles painted pale blue and a fabulous ring with a large aquamarine stone once belonging to her late mother-in-law. (Was the ring a surprise from Prince Harry? Was he in on the “something blue” conversation? Or do you think he simply opened his mother’s jewelry box one day for his beloved to select something of her fancy?)

The “something old, something new” rhyme seems to be infused with a kind of fairy-tale quality and delights of feminine mystique—is the mystery part of its appeal? I call the old-fashioned rhyme the most feminine of all wedding rituals. Whether a bride borrows her grandmother’s handkerchief; wears a gift of birthstone earrings or an antique lace veil; pins a blue silk ribbon to her corset or slips a sixpence coin into her shoe or his pocket, they have put something magically mysterious into motion. And what woman doesn’t become more attractive wearing a bit of mystery?

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