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How to Care for Yourself if You Are Susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections & Yeast Infection

I recommend these holistic methods for dealing with bacterial vaginosis, yeasties, or general chafing from clothes or sex or hot weather: I use tea tree oil suppositories by the half or the full dose when I begin to feel a little ‘sting’ down there due to vaginal imbalance. I also just discovered MomotaroApotheca’s vaginal wellness salve and it’s already saved my vulva from some irritation a couple of times.

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Slutwalk – The March You Should Take Your Teenagers To.

At a time when our reproductive freedoms are facing constant attacks, as our Obama-era workplace protections are being overturned, as queerness and transphobia becomes more visible and attacked by this administration and it’s supporters, consensual sexual expression should be celebrated and supported in any way possible. Come for the gathering of like-minded people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities – some people bring their kids, and some folks bring their grandparents. Join us for resources and literature that can help us stay connected to advocacy groups that are sex-positive and radically progressive.

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So… What About Sex Clubs???

Determine what “wild night” means to you and him: Do you want to watch on your first visit and maybe play with other people engaging with others on a later visit? What is he interested in? Does he want to dance with other people, flirt with other people? I first went with a particular boyfriend and we discovered quickly that I was comfortable and he was not.

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There’s a bit of intrigue associating the honey in “honeymoon” and the ancient legend of the honeybee’s luscious nectar with love and sex. In her book, The Hive: The Story of the Honeybee and Us, Bee Wilson muses how human civilization would have barely survived without the honeybee: its wax was used to create light in a dark world and its honey gave nourishment and medicine.

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I’m 46-years-old and I Haven’t Had an Orgasm in Almost Two Years… Help!

It has been called “silver sex”, and it’s the term that refers to the sex lives of aging Americans. About  20% of our population will be older than 65 by 2030, so let’s talk about sexuality as we age. If you’ve determined that there are no other new factors like medication, diet, stress, or injury that could be impacting you for the last two years,  it’s probably your hormones. My momma started menopause in her late thirties, I recall her hot flashes, mood swings that made her feel “crazy”, and all that stuff she never told me about that I can’t wait to discover on my own.

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After changing into a sleek and sexy white halter-neck dress, Meghan wore designer high heels with soles painted pale blue and a fabulous ring with a large aquamarine stone once belonging to her late mother-in-law. (Was the ring a surprise from Prince Harry? Was he in on the “something blue” conversation? Or do you think he simply opened his mother’s jewelry box one day for his beloved to select something of her fancy?)

The “something old, something new” rhyme seems to be infused with a kind of fairy-tale quality and delights of feminine mystique—is the mystery part of its appeal? I call the old-fashioned rhyme the most feminine of all wedding rituals. Whether a bride borrows her grandmother’s handkerchief; wears a gift of birthstone earrings or an antique lace veil; pins a blue silk ribbon to her corset or slips a sixpence coin into her shoe or his pocket, they have put something magically mysterious into motion. And what woman doesn’t become more attractive wearing a bit of mystery?

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Both Kate and Meghan followed Diana’s lead with their veils, bringing this spirit of beauty—femininity and stillness, sacred yet seductive—into the hearts of modern brides worldwide. And, in turn, Meghan brought a fresh modernity to the bridal veil beyond any “fairy princess myth” into something so irresistibly feminine and confident about feeling beautiful and mysterious: Cocooned in sheer silk tulle with her veil floating behind—leaving “princess blessings” in her wake—and being revealed into the eyes of her beloved.

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I Want a Real Polyamorous Relationship With Some Roots and Depth & I Don’t Know Where to Start

There are many different models for polyamory, or “loving many” people. I’ve participated in a couple separate models of polyamory, or as I actually prefer to call it, non-monogamy. I don’t need to “love” or be in close relationship with the people that I socialize with sexually as a non-monogamous person.“Polyamory” makes me think that you do indeed what to build a life with more than one partner, and people do this quite successfully, but it’s not for everyone.

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Tightness Anxiety and What To Do About It

Skin and tissue can be very stretchy, and many birthing parents like myself will assure you that your insides can and often do return to their prepartum state, or very close to it.  Regardless of whether you’ve given birth, your pelvic floor muscles and vagina would be very grateful for any kind of gentle exercise you can regularly maintain.

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