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Category: Weekly

Astrology: New Moon in Virgo

Reading Time: 8 minutes In short – spend the next couple of days immersed in self-love and a review of old habits to do with identity, your emotional wellbeing, your relationships, your thoughts. Activate loads of self-compassion, and allow whatever time you can for resting and reflecting.

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Astrology: Embrace the Weird

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pluto-Saturn convergence invites us to build a solid foundation for whatever we want to create, over the next 18 months. The influence is both personal and societal, and anything flimsy or superficial is unlikely to sustain. Now’s the time to start putting some robust underpinnings in place, but no need to rush it as this cycle runs through to December 2020.

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More to Moon than meets the eye

Reading Time: 5 minutes Moon is the fastest moving of the planets in our astrological symbol system, moving into each sign for only 2.5 days at a time. Astrologer Joanne Wickenburg likens this to a mother quickly popping her head in the door of each child’s bedroom to check that all is well, and I like that metaphor very much. 

New and Full Moons are both very important because they each represent a turning point or change of direction in the Lunar cycle. 

But it’s actually the cycle itself which helps us understand the benefit of Moon as she travels through our charts, not just those two points in isolation. 

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Astrology: surrender with clear boundaries

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s a school of thought which says before each of us arrives on planet Earth to live our human adventure, we’re part of a great swirling soup of pure positive energy, connected to every other spark of energy in the Universe. 

At birth, we become separate, unique, bounded by the skin-bag which keeps us physically distinct from one another, a complex biological and neurological symphony of subtle and sophisticated systems and networks. 

And so, while the journey of life is the journey of individuation and self-expression, there’s a part of us which yearns to fully surrender to the collective, to lose ourselves in deep connection. 

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Astrology: breezing through change

Reading Time: 4 minutes But Mercury isn’t just about the intellect. He’s also the trickster energy, so it’s smart to be prepared for the unexpected, in a Good Way.

If things have begun to feel like they’re loosening up, getting ready to shift, but not yet fully clear – don’t be surprised to find flashes of crystal clarity and an increased capacity to decide, seemingly coming out of left field.

And, by corollary, get ready to let new ideas replace sludgy outmoded ones.

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Astrology: all is well, and all manner of things will be well

Reading Time: 6 minutes For your own life, ask yourself ‘what do I want to create over the next 24 months?’, plan out the magical and mundane steps you’ll need in order to build a solid foundation for that, and embed the plans into your life in a way that supports your capacity to commit.

Even if you’re not sure what you want to make yet, you can start to embed the habits which support a solid foundation. Think daily meditation, body movement that you like, good relationships with a team of health practitioners and checkups planned out, regular magic practice, a good to-do list management strategy.

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Astrology: time to shake up some old ideas

Reading Time: 5 minutes And it’s especially good for amping up a firestorm of intellectual rigour – in other words, not believing everything you think, whether that’s to do with your opinion of self, or the wider world of politics.

On the personal, for the next few weeks don’t be surprised if you catch sparks of new thoughts such as ‘oooh, what if I could…?’ or ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if….?’ – especially in areas which might previously have felt permanently and impossibly closed in or hopeless.

You might even notice new elements of your own identity – aka your brain’s opinion of who you are and what’s possible for you.

‘oooh, I could totally ditch this crappy job and go somewhere I’m appreciated!’
‘hey, I’m smarter than I think I am!’
‘raaooowrrr, I’m a sexy beast with an amazing body!’
‘huh, I’m way more potent than I gave myself credit for!’
The trick is to notice these sparks and fan them gently into flame.

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