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Author: Confluence

Podcast: Transgression, Crushes, and Monogamish

Reading Time: 2 minutesLet’s talk about transgression – what’s behind it, why do we do it, and how do we make sense of it within committed relationships. And because you can’t really talk about transgression without mentioning monogamy and attraction for others, we’re talking about that, too. Oh, and a disclaimer before you hear this episode: the vibe we’re putting off in this episode did not happen overnight. It took years for us to be this open, honest, and playful with each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Letter to a White Student Who Doesn’t Want to be Call “White” in a Class on Race

Reading Time: 8 minutesRacism happens because white people are white; not because people have color. And I am not saying this because I am trying to hurt white individuals. I want us to understand why race exists, so we can decide if we want to keep a system that is the opposite of the values we claim to hold as U.S. citizens. And I want to give my students the knowledge to make an informed decision about what perspectives they decide to use as they look at the world. I want you all to understand how race functions in the world so that you can make informed decisions about your own actions. This is the purpose of this class.

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Is Your Coffee Good For You?

Reading Time: 4 minutesDo you every wonder if your daily cup(s) of joe is healthy, unhealthy, or just neutral?

I’ve had a love/hate affair with coffee for decades. I love the aroma, the ritual, and most of all the jolt of a buzz directly to my central nervous system. When I’m sitting down to write or get some work done, a strong cup of coffee (or even better, espresso) used to be my best friend.

Except for one small problem. Well, a couple of them really. Almost without fail, my beloved cup of coffee would result in a gnawing, hungry feeling in my stomach – not right away but within an hour or two. Some people lose their appetite with coffee and caffeine, but not me! Something in it – and I don’t necessarily think it’s the caffeine, seems to tear at my stomach lining.

I’ve since learned that the acidity in the coffee is likely the culprit. It apparently is associated with all sorts of digestive discomforts – including GERD and heartburn. My problem is neither, but the symptoms are similar.

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3 Stories You Should Read 5/20/2018: Aid Access, Iran, Don McGahn

Reading Time: 2 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  And it continues… Online abortion pill provider ordered to cease delivery by FDA A European organization that provides doctor-prescribed abortion pills by mail is under order by the US Food and Drug Administration to stop deliveries. The federal agency sent a warning letter to Aid Access this month requesting that it “immediately cease causing the introduction of these violative drugs into U.S. Commerce.” “The sale of misbranded and unapproved new drugs poses an inherent risk to consumers who purchase those products,” the...

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