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This is the moment. It’s here. We’re in the catastrophe.

Reading Time: 8 minutes It is always darkest before the dawn, and there is more darkness to come. This post is not intended to spread fear. It is intended to spread awareness.

We are better able to face risk when we understand what’s out there. There are some very, very deep vulnerabilities in the US. Recognizing that they exist will help us to navigate the shock when the unbelievable hits. And it will.

The way out is together.

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WaPo: Trump’s words, bullied kids, scarred schools

Reading Time: 11 minutes Since Trump’s rise to the nation’s highest office, his inflammatory language — often condemned as racist and xenophobic — has seeped into schools across America. Many bullies now target other children differently than they used to, with kids as young as 6 mimicking the president’s insults and the cruel way he delivers them.

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The Other OTHER Iowa Caucus Fail

Reading Time: 6 minutes Republicans are good at activating voter resentment. They’re not good at dissipating that resentment by actually serving voters and their needs. Outside of voters’ needs to stay angry. That anger keeps Republicans and their wealthy friends in office.

It doesn’t change lives and communities for the better.

We can.

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