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Reading Time: 7 minutesThe lessons I learned about whiteness, class, and the lengths that white folks will go to protect their ideas have been a foundational part of my political development, and are why I felt it was important to engage with this book and the uncomfortable history it reveals. The task of dismantling white supremacy rests on the shoulders of those who benefit most from it. It’s on us to confront racist, white supremacist white people who assume they can count on us to smile along or stay silent when they step out of line; it’s on us to ditch that poisonous “color-blind” worldview and understand the ways in which race, identity, and political/social power intersect; it’s on us to publicly, materially, enthusiastically, and genuinely support people of color, to confront and interrogate our own internalized racism and learned prejudices without expecting people of color to educate us.

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KVELLER: How to Pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Health

Reading Time: 3 minutesLike most Jewish women across the country, my stomach lurched when I read the news this morning that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized. Hopefully, the 85-year-old powerhouse’s fractured ribs will heal swiftly, and her injury doesn’t indicate or initiate any other health concerns.

But if you’re feeling like this is a moment when you need to turn to a Higher Power for help and comfort — well, you’re not alone. Even if prayer isn’t normally your thing, Jewish tradition makes it easy. Try these Jewish prayer tactics to send some good, healing vibes RBG’s way.

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Keegan-Michael Key and Chris Rock on Voter Suppression – Know Your Rights.

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt’s incredibly important to know that voter suppression efforts are underway all over the country. White folks need to be aware that just because you’re not a minority that doesn’t mean you’re immune. You’re not.

Wide-scale voter purges target districts more than specific people. If you live in a high minority district or potentially a highly liberal district a white persons vote is just as likely to be suppressed in some way as anyone else’s.

Voter suppression is usually targeted at minority voters. However, it affects everyone, often in very literal ways.

Watch Keegan-Michael Key and Chris Rock explain what to do if someone tries to stop you from voting.

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Love is Not Silent in the Face of Injustice

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you are able to look the other way and “busy yourself with happier things”, this is most likely because you are sitting in a place of privilege and whether you realize it or not this privilege you are so fortunate to enjoy puts you in the place of having power to do good for marginalized, oppressed, and persecuted peoples just by virtue of the stand you are willing to take publicly.

I recognize it isn’t always easy to speak up, to take a stand, but you can be assured that your voice, every voice, makes a difference to those who are oppressed.

For those concerned about “vibrations”, I’m not opposed to doing whatever it takes to create “high vibrations.” And, it is essential to remember that the highest vibration is love, and love is not passive, love is active.

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Keeping An Abuser’s Secrets in the Age of Trump

Reading Time: 4 minutesGaslighting, keeping men’s secrets, and misogyny go hand in hand – a wicked braid that is essential to keeping the fabric of the patriarchy intact. Powerful men staying in power because those they hold power over are marginalized, hushed, dependent and scared.

These troubling realities have been on my mind because they’re playing out in a much bigger way. Now instead of an individual abuse victim keeping the secrets of her abuser I’m watching half the country and an entire political party make excuses for the President.

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Giving for Good: Make an impact in your community

Reading Time: 4 minutesInspiration to give back to your community can come from any number of places, from a personal desire to make a difference to fulfilling a graduation requirement for community service hours. No matter the reason or the origin, chances are strong that you can make an impact.

Giving back may be as simple as writing a check to an organization that works to further a mission you care deeply about. Or it may mean lending a hand to put on a fundraising event in your community. Perhaps you have a skill or talent you can share with others in the name of a good cause.

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President Obama Delivers Democrats the Marching Orders for the November Elections

Reading Time: 1 minute“This November’s elections are more important than any I can remember in my lifetime,” he said. “And that includes when I was a on the ballot.”

Nevada is a battleground state for Democrats this midterm election, with an open governor’s seat and Democrat Jacky Rosen running a tight race against incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller. And, as Obama pointed out on Monday, Nevada could be the first state to an elect an all-female legislature.

“This is not just about one person in the White House,” he said, pointedly avoiding naming President Trump in his speech. “This is about Congress and governor’s races and state legislative races…If all it took was being president, I would have solved everything.”

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Important Information to Before You Head to the Polls: Know Your Status and Know Your Rights

Reading Time: 4 minutesVoter suppression efforts are at an all-time high for the 2018 midterm elections. This may be the most important election in our lifetimes. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Which is why the voter suppression machine is in full-churn. Your vote matters more than ever. So, it’s important to take every precaution to ensure you can cast it and that it counts. 

Many tactics being deployed to stop certain groups of people from voting – and by certain groups of people, I mean mostly minorities. However, the scorched earth tactics being used are affecting a much wider swath of voters than just low income and minority groups. You simply can’t assume just because you’re white or privileged, your vote will be counted. So, now is the time to get prepared for what’s coming in the next few days.

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We Might Want to Think Twice Before Betting Our Democracy on the Upcoming Blue Wave…

Reading Time: 3 minutesTrump is a historically unpopular president among the general U.S. population, but consistently retains extremely high levels of Republican support. Recent polls have put him at around a 90 percent approval rating among Republicans.

And in case you’re wondering what issue rises to the top for those Republicans, it’s race and race-related issues like immigration and border control.  It’s all about race all day long for the majority of those voters. And we’re not guessing. Poll after poll says the same thing. 

This telling us something we may not want to hear: About half of the U.S. is racist as A.F. and that’s not much of a secret anymore.

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