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What’s on your impeachment playlist? Here is our soundtrack…

Reading Time: 2 minutes Impeachment is a long process. And although it looks more inevitable by the day (LINKS: Fox News Poll shows 51% favor removal, Giuliani Associates Arrested, etc) we know it will be months before Pelosi or Pence will take over. This leads us to the obvious question: what should be on your impeachment playlist? After all, we are hooked on reading the latest drama/nail in the coffin of the Trump Presidency but we shouldn’t do it in silence. We need a soundtrack to this movie. Below is some of what we’ve been listening to as the sky falls on the Orange man.

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Vox: What’s next for #MeToo? This college might have the answer.

Reading Time: 16 minutes At this point, the college is still working on informing students that alternative resolution is an option at all. Some students remain afraid to report sexual assault because they think an investigation is their only choice, Jacoby said. Rebecca Melton, a sophomore who organized the school’s SlutWalk this year to protest the blaming of sexual assault survivors, had never heard of alternative resolution until I told her about it. In general, though, the school administration takes sexual misconduct seriously and is working to address it, Melton said. “It’s just not reaching students in a manner that it is understood by students.”

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Vox: Impeaching the president, explained

Reading Time: 11 minutes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has officially announced that the House of Representatives is pursuing an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and the release of a readout of a call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in which Trump asks Zelensky to revive a criminal inquiry into Joe Biden’s son Hunter, has not quelled Democrats’ desire to impeach.

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