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Slutwalk – The March You Should Take Your Teenagers To.

At a time when our reproductive freedoms are facing constant attacks, as our Obama-era workplace protections are being overturned, as queerness and transphobia becomes more visible and attacked by this administration and it’s supporters, consensual sexual expression should be celebrated and supported in any way possible. Come for the gathering of like-minded people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities – some people bring their kids, and some folks bring their grandparents. Join us for resources and literature that can help us stay connected to advocacy groups that are sex-positive and radically progressive.

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I Am Not Going to be Celebrating the 4th of July and Here’s Why

I don’t think it’s appropriate to celebrate a holiday based on a history that has separated children from parents from the inception of our nation and has thousands in custody now that will not be returned to their parents.

I don’t think it’s wise to dedicate a red, white, and blue barbeque to a commercialized notion of God and country when by doing so we’re continuing to sell the illusion that holds this hostile takeover together.

So, as we’re facing down Independence Day wondering how we’re going to get our independence back, maybe the first step is to stop pretending everything is just fine when things are not. Pretending is exactly what they want us to do because if things look like they always have maybe we’re fine enough not to want to demand our democracy back.

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Tonglen is an exceedingly simple meditative practice in which one visualizes taking in the suffering of oneself and others on the in-breath, and on the out-breath sending recognition, compassion, and relief. It involves being willing for those brief moments to “take on” the suffering of the world (or those specific people or groups that you have chosen to focus on) as you breath in, and then imagining that this suffering is being transmuted into goodness, love, compassion as you breath out, sending blessings and relief to those who are suffering.

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A White Person’s Guide to Doing the Right Thing When You Witness a Racist Shakedown

I recently talked to a lovely white woman who stood by quietly watching another white woman being very nasty with a black man who was walking his dog through their neighborhood. While she didn’t call the police she threatened to do just that.

This man was clearly shaken. He explained to her he lived in the neighborhood and he walked his dog there frequently. However, it escalated quickly when he wouldn’t provide her his address.

My friend stood there. She wanted to interject. She wanted to speak up, but she was terrified. However, she didn’t and the guilt was killing her. She actually crossed the street to get away from the drama and watch from a safe distance. She was seriously considering combing the neighborhood looking for this man so she could apologize – but she was afraid to do that too.

So, what is a white person to do when they witness a racist shakedown?
Crossing the street and staying silent is NOT the thing to do.

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How to Win a Facebook Brawl with a Right Wing Wingnut

Almost sixty comments back and forth later, I realized there was no joy in the debate. I sent this person news stories and articles from more than 25 separate news sources, including and The Bush Foundation website. None of it landed. Don’t judge me for my back-ally comment fight with an idiot. I said all the things you wish you could a lot of the time. You can thank me later.

It ended when my right wing, wingnut “friend” started repeatedly telling me I was ignorant. I enlisted the help of family members to assist me in causing him a heart attack after he expressed he was very angry multiple times and suggested I was causing him a severe headache. The last comment exchanged was from my sister who boldly told him he didn’t want to get in an IQ competition with me – actually, it stopped when my child threw up a stop sign emoticon at the bottom of the comments.

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M.J. Hegar: This Woman is Running for Office and You Should Watch Her Ad

When women run for office the reasons they do it are far and wide more personal than political. More women are running for office than ever before. Record numbers of women making the very vulnerable decision to run for office, many without the support of the systems that have elected their career politics opponents.

Most political ads are a bunch of campaign mumbo-jumbo intended to build name recognition. This one is different. This candidate is different. Buckle up, buttercup. Meet MJ Hegar, she’s running for Congress in Texas District 31. It’s personal for this woman on yet another mission.

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Peace on Earth

Spiritual practices are not just for us. Spiritual practices and beliefs are personal, yes. Often we are born into specific belief systems and taught certain practices when we are very young. We then grow into adulthood and come to a place where we adopt those beliefs and practices by choice. We make them our own, or we don’t – we drop them and choose new beliefs and new practices, and our choices are deeply personal.

But as personal as those choices are, (I cannot choose yours and you cannot choose mine), we still do well to understand why we’ve chosen the specific beliefs and practices that we have.


I can’t answer that question for you. But I do want to ask it, of you, and of myself.

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Both Kate and Meghan followed Diana’s lead with their veils, bringing this spirit of beauty—femininity and stillness, sacred yet seductive—into the hearts of modern brides worldwide. And, in turn, Meghan brought a fresh modernity to the bridal veil beyond any “fairy princess myth” into something so irresistibly feminine and confident about feeling beautiful and mysterious: Cocooned in sheer silk tulle with her veil floating behind—leaving “princess blessings” in her wake—and being revealed into the eyes of her beloved.

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Trump and Kim Jong Un: We Will Be Known By the Company We Keep

I wish we could send out an SOS to the international community begging for help. My prayer is that they recognize what’s happened to us and that someday someone will send help. My fear though is that we will be judged by our president as if we chose him and that history will not smile on that choice.

2018 will go down in history as the year that decided the fate of our democracy. The congressional races at hand matter more than we can predict at this point. There is no excuse for apathy. The price of apathy is way too high. The most effective and quite possibly only SOS we can send to the world is a 2018 election cycle that rejects Trump and what he stands for. As the world watches, we need to show them without question that we did not choose this and we never will.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: The Ins and Out of Period Sex

My question is, Do you ever feel sexy or desiring of sex when you’re on your period? If yes, that’s a clue that it’s something you shouldn’t ignore, and I encourage to ask your safe and supporting partner what you just asked me: “I know that we usually abstain from sex when I’m bleeding but I’m wondering if you’d be comfortable fooling around with me when I am?”

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Royal Wedding Redux: The Real Legacy of Princess Diana – Why Royal Weddings Matter Part 7

As the world welcomes a new “princess” today, we are reminded of another celebrated royal wedding almost four decades ago. It was a landmark event broadcast in 74 countries and watched around the world by over 750 million people—including me and my pajama-party friends!

The moment Diana stepped out of that fairy-tale-inspired glass coach on her wedding morning with endless yards of silk train magically materializing with her—”like seeing a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis,” her gown designers wrote later—she had us hook, line and sinker. Princess Diana did not invent our fascination with royalty, nevertheless, her wedding ushered in a whole new ballgame—and the world was never quite the same.

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