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Category: Astro

Astrology: magic to leaven the weird

Reading Time: 6 minutes Will anxiety and knee-jerk reaction serve us at this time? Nope – even though it feels ‘natural’ to give in to anxiety and alarm.

What will serve us instead is a blend of connectedness (we’re all in this together), strategic wisdom (long-term planning), thinking at a deeper level (who are we really, and who do we want to be?), and a willingness to contemplate some radical new solutions – all backed up by our determination to create something with robust and solid foundations.

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Everyone gets excited about a Solstice (and they’re right to do so), but for me there’s something extra special about an Equinox.

Derived from the Latin for ‘equal night’, the Equinox is the moment when Earth sits perfectly balanced on its axis – not ‘leaning’ one way or the other, but at the exact correct angle so that the Sun moves directly overhead along the Equator.

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Astrology: Full Moon dreaming

Reading Time: 6 minutes Happy Full Moon in Pisces – time to add a little magic to the mix, supported by Mercury and Venus moving into ease-and-grace sign Libra. Meanwhile Saturn direct this week adds ooomph to your planning. Magic or mundane? Make it BOTH.

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Astrology: New Moon in Virgo

Reading Time: 8 minutes In short – spend the next couple of days immersed in self-love and a review of old habits to do with identity, your emotional wellbeing, your relationships, your thoughts. Activate loads of self-compassion, and allow whatever time you can for resting and reflecting.

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