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Category: Evolve

You Don’t Need Fixing

Reading Time: 3 minutes You don’t need another class.
You don’t need another guru.
You don’t need fixing.
You don’t need permission to be blissfully happy and fully awake in your life AS YOU ARE NOW AS OF TODAY.

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Astrology: Happy New Year! (yes, now)

Reading Time: 6 minutes The stars don’t care a button for human calendars, so 31 December and 1 January don’t have any inherent built-in astrological significance.

But OMGosh! – the astrology that’s coming up over the next week couldn’t be more perfect, as we prepare to move into a brand-new decade.

There’s pretty much something new every day in the lead-up to the very end of December, ready for a fresh new dynamic in 2020.

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Astrology: an audacious week

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yes, there is turmoil in the world.

And we change the world by our thoughts, because our thoughts inform our emotions and our emotions inform our actions – and those shape the world.

Mercury and Sagittarius can help inspire fiercely optimistic thoughts, aimed at finding and supporting those who are finding solutions in the world.

It’s a broad hint of the shift into optimism, lightness and air which is coming in 2020.

And the full moon at 19° of Gemini on 12 December is a perfect fit.

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