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Category: Evolve

Astrology: Venus in dreamland

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe goddess of love, partnership and desire can lose herself in this Neptune-ruled sign, as romance becomes magical, boundaries dissolve, and anything is possible.

Practical strategies fall by the wayside and surrender is the name of the game.

How do you know whether it will be gloriously dreamy or terrifyingly delusional?


You choose.

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Choose Your Own Thoughts

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt really comes down to being willing to take on the responsibility of advertising to yourself.

You are far too powerful to be anything less than radiant in the world. Your power is your thoughts and your focus and you’re in charge of that. A lot of other people will knock on your door, to get inside your head, but you get to decide who you let in, and the way you do that is by thinking your own thoughts. YOU HAVE TO THINK YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. If you don’t it’ll get done for you.

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“I just want to feel safe.”

Reading Time: 3 minutesHow can I expect to feel safe (in relationship or otherwise) if I am consistently putting out a message to the Universe that safety isn’t really one of my primary concerns?

What is it you want? And how can you begin giving it to yourself?

If your desire is not showing up, these are the questions to ask yourself, because your experience is always going to match your vibration.

When what we say we want isn’t showing up, the clue is often visible in our actions. In these situations, it may very well be true that actions are speaking louder than words, at least vibrationally.

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Astrology: be careful where you point that thing (Pluto across the Nodes)

Reading Time: 6 minutesAbove all, practice the same kind of love and compassion you wish for the world, directed towards your own self. You don’t have to get this bit perfect. You just have to be willing to do it as much as you can.

Our brains might be having a tricky moment, with so much change swirling around. Our spirits can help us focus that change towards love, peace, compassion and positivity.

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How to Get Lucky

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn my experience, luck happens when we take more risks, show up more often, play full out, look at things from a different perspective, keep being curious, stop making conclusions, expect miracles, stay true to our authenticity, and take the initiative to be prepared when opportunity knocks.

And it doesn’t hurt to decide that you’re lucky in advance, because sometimes we just have to make our own luck.

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How to Rekindle Health and Happiness in Your Senior Years

Reading Time: 3 minutesAging isn’t easy, and for many seniors, it can seem like a gradual spiral out of control.  Your mind and body might not be as cooperative as they used to be, and it can feel as if you don’t have any say in the matter.  Thankfully, with a few surprisingly simple changes, you can get a handle on things and rekindle your health and happiness. 

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Astrology: a cautionary tale

Reading Time: 5 minutesToday’s piece is a bit of a departure for me.

I’m going full-out 100% vulnerable ‘oh shit if they read this they’ll think I’m completely nuts and incompetent’

Think of this as a true confession from a coach and astrologer whose life is not perfect, not by a long shot.

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Beginner’s Luck and the Myth of Spiritual Momentum

Reading Time: 3 minutesA big part of the phenomenon we call “beginner’s luck” rests on the idea that there are endless possibilities in the beginner’s mind because the beginner often doesn’t know enough yet to doubt.

I’m going to stop worrying about momentum on my spiritual journey, and remind myself that I’m an aspirant, not an exemplar. Momentum is an essential concept in physics, but maybe not such a useful framework when dealing in things of the spirit.

Besides, beginner’s luck sounds like a lot more fun than struggling to maintain constant momentum. Who needs that when the possibilities are endless?

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A Dark Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutesDark clouds come and go. Some clouds visit for a short time, while others overstay their welcome, eventually they leave. Next time a cloud comes to visit, don’t push it away or ignore it. Get curious and allow yourself to feel the emotion the cloud brings with it. And as you feel the emotion be compassionate with yourself and remember it’s an emotion. An emotion that you can experience and learn from. No matter how you’re feeling, don’t let it take control you have the upper hand and make it known.

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The Karmic Duty of Uplifting Collective Consciousness

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn both yogic and spiritual practices, we are first and foremost told to become aware of and watch our thoughts and words. We are encouraged to actively choose which ones we focus on because what we focus on tends to manifest into our reality, it drives how we act, what we say and how we experience our everyday.

Thoughts and words (both written and spoken), have creative energy. Each time a particular thought or word is repeated it gets more strength and momentum until such time that it’s strong enough to manifest itself in the physical reality. These are living entities that are in the process of taking physical form.

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