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Astro: Why Mercury Retrograde just might be your best deliberate-creating buddy

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you’re hanging out in social media over the next month or so, you’ll probably see people losing their shit about Mercury Retrograde.

This planetary phenomenon has an undeserved reputation for being Trouble with a capital T, but that’s because it’s often wildly misunderstood. 

Why all the fuss?

Retrograde describes the motion of a planet as seen from the perspective of Earth, where it appears to turn around and go backwards in the sky for a time. Of course, it’s not really going backwards around the Sun, it just seems that way to us. 

Astrologically, any retrograde offers us an opportunity to reflect on, reassess, rethink, review anything to do with that planet’s area of expertise.

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The Easy Path Back to Good Vibes

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhen thoughts arise that make you feel rotten, do what you can to kick those suckers to the curb and start right now – in this moment – to look for and do anything that feels good. Start with slightly better, and work your way up, one wee bit at a time.

 Our natural state is one of ease, wellness, and love.

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Reading Time: 4 minutesMost of us are aware of the importance of having the right mindset for accomplishing our goals. To achieve your dreams, it’s as simple as thinking positive thoughts and believing in yourself, right?

Perhaps – but it’s not always as easy as it might appear.
As a corporate psychologist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of highly motivated clients, helping them to pursue their dreams. And, in that time, I’ve noticed that although a lot of people think they have the right mindset, in reality, many of them are unwittingly making some very common mistakes.

Unchecked, they can derail goals. However, once they’re transformed, magic happens.

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Seven Day Checklist to Reclaiming Your Sanity

Reading Time: 5 minutesPoetry is powerful medicine. I know some people who might say poetry isn’t their jam. However, I’d say it’s because they haven’t found the right poet.

Some of the greatest thinkers of our time and in history of express(ed) themselves in poetry. Poets have a way of seeing life, love, struggle, and triumph as art. The right poet can shift the way you see things through prose without effort.

The very act of memorizing something requires attention and intention. It requires a special kind of focus that changes your brain. When you memorize something it’s an act of choice and that changes you and your perspective in ways that aren’t obvious but are very powerful. That thing becomes a part of you in a very magical way.

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Everyday Real World Actions for the Spiritually Awakened

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe collective consciousness is undergoing a huge leveling up, we can all feel it. The current ways of life aren’t able to justify their existence. People all over, in huge numbers, are asking questions about where we are as a human race and about who we are as individuals. Values and beliefs are under the scanner and the powers that be are rushing to add smoke to the view ahead.

So it’s no wonder we can feel like we are living under the rule of tyrant and nothing we do is setting us free.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Each step in the desired direction is a step away from the current reality. Small things add up to BIG changes.

We know this intellectually but we need to believe it from the heart. Anything we do to change our own actions or when we show up just little different, a little more conscious than before, we are collectively better off than we were before.  

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Reading Time: 6 minutesWhenever I’ve been out to eat at a restaurant recently, I’ve noticed families, couples, and coworkers alike all glued to their phones during a meal. No, this isn’t uncommon, but stopping to really notice these people forgoing in-person communication for their phones has a powerful effect. Specifically, it’s gotten me thinking about the psychological dangers of 24-7 accessibility, and the way it’s shifted our expectations in both personal and professional contexts. Now that smartphones enable us to have constant, efficient and ongoing forms of communication with literally everyone we know, we are now always at anyone’s beck and call. The benefits are clear, but the downsides sometimes feel even clearer.

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The Possibility of Turn Around

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen I feel hopeless, I recognize that I am giving the big, hard news the full bandwidth of my attention. I am not looking at the bloom of a flower, the smile of a child or a verse of beautiful poetry. No, I am awfulizing as if this major thing that has happened is the only aspect of reality.

I am not comparing the cold-blooded murder of 11 people during the exercise of their faith to the bloom of a flower. No, I am not. What I am saying is that there is always something good going on, even on the darkest, darkest day.

Focusing on the littlest thing that is good is the way we stay connected to Greater Love, the Love that heals and has solutions.

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 Your home can be everything that the outside world isn’t.

Reading Time: 4 minutesWe are all in Scorpio season and Venus – that epitome of can’t-we-all-just-get-along – is retrograde. That energy is flowing darkly through all things relationship/power/money/death-and-taxes and most of us don’t like a lot of what we see. There’s a shit storm on every major media outlet, most recently in a place of gentle worship.

A lot of us are feeling really scared, really heavy, really sad and somewhat out of control.

Know this – your home can be the antidote you seek. Your home can be everything that the outside world isn’t. Your home can be a literal recharging station when the outside world depletes even your deepest reserves. And in times like this, I can’t think of anything more important.

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An Important Message for My Fellow Midlifers

Reading Time: 2 minutesPersonally, I’m not interested in anti-aging any parts of me, I just want to do what I can to keep my body and mind healthy and that requires regular exercise and paying attention to what I eat. Midlifer it’s important to keep your mind and body healthy and alert, that’s something we shouldn’t ignore

Midlifer please don’t let anyone tell you, you’re too old to do this or that. You have the power to achieve that deep desire burning on the inside despite your age. Your experience is valuable. You have so much to offer. More than you realize.

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RuPaul on How to Live Your Best Life | NowThis

Reading Time: 1 minuteEmmy winner RuPaul sat down with NowThis for an interview to discuss his new book ‘GuRu,’ living your best life, and offer some makeup advice. RuPaul is best known for his popular drag queen reality competition show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ RuPaul is releasing a book in 2018 called ‘GuRu’ which includes life advice and wisdom.

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