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Be Relentless In The Pursuit Of More

Goal setting doesn’t work because it’s are based on the innately flawed premise that you need to be different. It’s often about giving something up when chances are what you really need is more. The biggest epidemic we have as a society is chronically underfed and uninspired souls.

Listen to the whisper of your soul. It’s probably begging for more.

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When Midlife Comes Knocking

Midlife hits and opens you up. It shakes you up.  You’re ready to participate in life. You’re ready to feel. It’s scary but you’re ready to walk treading carefully. You’re not sure of the outcome but know it has to better than what you’ve been doing in the name of living.

Midlife will come knocking on your door if you’re one of the fortunate ones to be here when she arrives. 

Will you welcome her with open arms or treat her like an unwelcome guest? Without a doubt, I know my answer what’s yours?

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Let’s Talk About Lack. Because We Must.

It is easier to think we are bad, than it is to feel our own ache and the ache of the world. 
It is easier to blame ourSelves than to risk living in instability (Which, guess what? We already do, even in the best of times.).

Yet that ache can be magic.

That ache is how we untangle from the pain. That ache is how we know how to take care of ourSelves. That ache is how we know how to care for others. That ache is how we actually make things better.

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Learning to Bridge Human Difference 101 – Part 2

When you walk down the street, or you are at the mall, or when you watch TV and see a black female news anchor delivering the news next to her white male counterpart, remember, she makes less than two-thirds of that white man. Not because she is not good at her job, but because of the color of her skin and her gender.

What’s worse….. You have contributed to this by not speaking up against it and by not demanding transparency about such things where you work.

What are some baby steps, right where you are, that you can take, that will begin to even the playing field?

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Blend In For What?

Blending in works when you are mixing colors but not for us humans.

We are uniquely created with awesomely rich and creative talents, that need to be put out into the world for others to benefit and enjoy. You are smart,  gorgeous and talented in a unique way. Go ahead and respond to that deep desire burning inside you that you have suppressed over the years, but without fail bubbles up to the surface from time to time. 

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4 Tips for Tiny Changes that Create Big Shifts When Everything Seems to Suck

When we’re in the dumps the big changes are very seductive. It can be easy to think it’s time for massive shifts and big upgrades. 

However, that’s not the way the system really works. Big changes are hard to make and they are even harder to sustain. Big changes often don’t include the kind of incremental upgrades that really create a life transformed. Big changes look really bright and shiny, but they often set us up to fail. So while I’ve been that girl that wanted to wake up tomorrow all different than I am today, I’ve learned from experience, that baby stepping it up to feeling better is a much more effective way to go. 

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How to Heal a Fractured Society

Being human, there’s always a gulf between our intentions and our actions. This is especially true when we are attempting to include, in our constitutional framework, a widely diverse set of individual beliefs, values, and cultural practices.

If that gulf is left untended, it results in fracture patterns in our society. These fissures may remain largely invisible in times of peace and prosperity, except to those who live on the wrong side of the divide. They deepen into seemingly unbridgeable chasms in times of economic and other stresses that reveal the true nature of our cultural and social landscape.

As Without, So Within.

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Stress is an Epidemic

Spirituality doesn’t mean the disappearance of hardships and challenging situations but people practicing spirituality have a unique mindset and perspective, and deal with it differently.

There is a sense of trust in life that comes with practicing these five. A trust that flows even when life doesn’t seem trustworthy, even when you don’t know how it will pan out. The greatest pain or the most ecstatic joy will be treated equally. No matter what shows up you will know everything is working out and suddenly you find yourself facing it all. Fearlessly.

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Personal power doesn’t show up as power “over” other people, it shows up as power “with” other people.

And here is the best thing about personal power — it is not attached to a title, or a thing (like financial prosperity, a big salary, or a promotion), so once you’ve developed your own sense of personal power you won’t lose it because it didn’t come with the job or the title or a big financial windfall.

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News of Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide Hit Me Like a Body Blow: He Seemed to Be Living the Dream

I don’t want Bourdain’s legacy to be mainly about the manner of his death, because his life was so significant. He taught us is not to gloss over our differences, but to celebrate them. To respect them. To explore them with authenticity and openhearted curiosity. His shows were, in his words, “stand-alone essays” in which food was an important factor, but not the only, or even the main, component. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, he said, “If you don’t accept the food, you’re rejecting the people,” adding that when you show appreciation for local cuisine, “people open up.”

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