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Seven Tips to Get Rid of Stress and Why You Should

Although, most people would say they want to have less stress in their lives, there’s a weird addictive quality that accompanies the way we live with stress. If there’s nothing stressing us out we can even feel bored and start scanning our environment for something to worry about.

Our culture approves and rewards us for having busy, stressful lives. Somehow there’s a notion that people who are super busy have more value in the world.

This, of course, is total BS. And, if you value your health, you would do well to question this thinking.

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Queer Women Coming Out- 5 tips for Bringing Joy and Ownership to Your Coming Out Process Inspired by Keala Settle

Let your coming out process change who you are and how you show up in the world.  Let it make you bolder, not just in claiming your sexuality, but at work, in leadership, in family. Take joy in your queerness (or whatever you are coming out as) and difference, and let it grow and empower both the joy in you and your essence.

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Mother Wisdom from Alice Walker

We cannot heal any of -isms we are all fussing about – racism, sexism, nationalism, classism, and all the blah, blahs, until we ALL look at our shadow sides. For those that chose not to look at their shadow side, those of us that do look at it, make a way for them to look at theirs. Looking at your shadow side is medicinal and it heals, not just your soul, but also our collective soul.

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How To Begin Decluttering When You Don’t Have The Time Or The Energy

Ask yourself …
What could be possible if your home truly reflected + nourished + amped up your desired Becoming? In other words, it looked like the woman you dream of being already lived there?
What could you DO and BE in the world if your home fed your soul + recharged your batteries
so that you could go out and do ThatThingYouDo with wholehearted attention?

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The One Person Who’s Not Upset About the Media Coverage of Trumps Affairs is Donald J. Trump

Do not be misled by any coverage that says Trump is upset by the shitstorm of media coverage of his affairs. He’s not. Trump is secretly or not so secretly proud. He’s patting himself on the back that now everyone knows he can bang beautiful porn stars. He’s stewing in the soup of his narcissism and unfortunately, now so are we because he is our President.

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