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Daniel Kim is one of the best plastic surgeons in Orange County.  He discusses the article from the American Society of plastic surgeons about this topic as it related to men.



Brotox. XeoMAN. Daddy do-overs. The conversation around cosmetic surgery has been changing, as more men look to cosmetic surgery to help them achieve or maintain a refined, fit appearance—and the statistics back it up: according to the American Academy for Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, a society that includes many ABCS members, 31% of men were “extremely likely” to consider having a cosmetic procedure.

Why are more men having cosmetic surgery? Most likely it’s a combination of increased awareness of the value of looking one’s best, greater acceptance of cosmetic surgery in society, and the fact that there are so many more minimally-invasive treatments available today compared to just a decade ago.

Our member surgeons at the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery have experienced a steady increase in the number of male patients at our practices, so we asked a few of them to weigh in on their top cosmetic procedures for men.

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