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Month: February 2018

4 Thoughts That Will Up-Level Your Self-Love

Reading Time: 3 minutesBy: Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. Recently I went through a bout of feeling pretty crappy about myself. My activity levels were lower than usual for a number of reasons. My stress levels were pegging the top of the stress-o-meter. I had a serious run in with PMS. I was feeling sluggish and soft – not the good kind of soft, you know, the jiggly kind of soft. I was also feeling unusually uncomfortable. Old injuries I thought had healed kicked up again. I felt slow and...

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Breaking: One Day After Admitting She Tells “White Lies” for the President, the Least Qualified White House Communications Director in History Resigns

Reading Time: 1 minute Hicks has largely stayed out of the public eye. However, her romantic relationship with Rob Porter became a talking point during his FBI clearance crisis in recent weeks. It’s unlikely that her resignation will allow her to drift away from the spotlight anytime soon as her role in the Russian scandal is heating up by the day. 

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Top-secret Clearance Cliff Notes – What You Need to Know and Why it Matters.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The main reason the FBI doesn’t grant a top-secret clearance is that during the background check they determine that the person in question is vulnerable to extortion or inappropriate foreign influence.That means that there is something in your past, your personal life or your finances that the FBI believes is so scandalous that you would jeopardize the security of the United States to hide.

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3 Stories You Should Read Today – 2/28/2018

Reading Time: 1 minuteConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. US cyber chief says Trump hasn’t told him to confront Russian cyber threat Washington (CNN)US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not been granted the authority by President Donald Trump to disrupt Russian election hacking operations where they originate. While he did not agree with Reed’s characterization that the US has been “sitting back and waiting,” Rogers admitted that it is fair to say that “we have not opted to engage in some of the same behaviors...

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What’s in Your Stars? Week of March 1, 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. FREE WILL ASTROLOGY Week of March 1 © Copyright 2018  Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): On September 1, 1666, a London baker named Thomas Farriner didn’t take proper precautions to douse the fire in his oven before he went to sleep. Consequences were serious. The conflagration that ignited in his little shop burned down large parts of the city. Three hundred twenty years later, a group of bakers gathered at the original site to offer a ritual atonement. “It’s never too late to...

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