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Oregon’s Response to Gun Violence Crisis: Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole” And, Why your state should do the same.

Oregon’s Response to Gun Violence Crisis: Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole”  And, Why your state should do the same.
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By: C. Neal  Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

In a bi-partisan vote, Legislators in Oregon have passed a bill to close the “Boyfriend Loophole.” Current Oregon law is interpreted in a way that restricts a husband convicted of Domestic Violence from obtaining a firearm, however, the gun prohibition does not apply to couples who have never been married or close family members, in addition to those who have been convicted of misdemeanor Stalking. However, that is set to change after Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs the new legislation into law in the coming days.

The Oregon Legislature’s action is the first major piece of gun legislation to be passed in the United States since the Parkland tragedy in Florida. The bill was supported by a variety of groups including traditional gun safety advocates, moderate gun advocacy groups, advocates for those affected by Domestic Violence, as well as healthcare groups, including the Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Nurses Association, and Oregon Health Sciences University, touting gun violence as an important public health issue.

In this legislative faceoff between the mainstream and the hardcore gun lobby, including the National Rifle Association, the broad coalition in support of protecting those affected by Domestic Violence won out. But, Liberal Oregon is obviously an outlier among our nation’s State Legislatures. As we reflect as a nation in the wake of recent tragedies including Florida and Las Vegas and as the appetite for gun control in America continues to grow, now is the time to get involved to ensure that common sense gun legislation like what is being passed in Oregon comes to your state.

You can make a difference by getting involved with organizations like Moms Demand Action or Americans for Responsible Solutions, in addition to helping through an organization, we at Confluence Daily suggest getting in touch with your legislative representatives directly with your thoughts on what can be done to prevent further gun violence tragedies in the United States. This can be done through websites like Common Cause (


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