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Another Hyperbolic Editorial About Impending Doom for Trump, (But This Time I Think It’s Really Going Down)

by Confluence
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By: Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

It’s repetitive to say the proverbial wheels are coming off the bus at the White House. It’s an infinite loop of stories about everyone in the President’s radius jumping ship, making deals in the investigation, or hiding in the bathroom while the President rages, completely losing his shit.

None of those stories are new.
We’ve used the word “unprecedented” so many times it hardly holds meaning anymore.

We’re so used to seeing the words “Breaking News”, that as long as it doesn’t involve the words nuclear weapons, we hardly pay attention.

There have been so many “turning points” in the Mueller investigation that we can honestly wonder if there will ever be an end to this winding road.

These are extraordinary times, and we are in uncharted waters. However, I can assure you with absolute certainty; you haven’t seen anything yet.

Chances are very high that in the next few days the U.S. is going to see things we haven’t even dreamed of, even in our worst nightmares. That could start as soon as today.

There was a time when I believe Donald J. Trump was fighting to save his Presidency. Now he’s fighting to save his life, and that’s a whole other kind of battle. The President of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, is backed into a corner with nowhere to go and things are only going to get worse from here, especially for him.

Too many shocking things have happened in this administration or investigation in the last few days to count. However, four come to the top of the pile for Trump.

1. The 13 indictments against foreign nationals and or companies last Friday. These indictments proved out one thing; Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 election are not fake news. In the wake of those indictments becoming public, the only person who didn’t comment on them was Trump himself.

2. The revelation that the FBI is zeroing in on both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, this no longer being an unavoidable possibility, but a reality.

One might argue that Trump doesn’t have the parental instincts to save his own child, the mother of his grandchildren. But make no mistake, Trump will have to find a way to save his family because their financial interests and criminal activities are tied to him. They are one in the same.

3. Hope Hicks, one of the most, if not THE most trusted “advisors” to the President resigned with no notice, leaving the White House without public explanation. Hicks has no political cover in the Mueller investigation and has quite likely already flipped and cut a deal.

No one can make a case that the former model provided legal counsel to the President. She has been present for more backroom conversations than probably anyone else. If she does not cooperate, or if she lies, she will go to jail. Hicks may not be an attorney, but she’s smart enough to know she doesn’t want to go there.

4. Reports confirmed by multiple sources that another round of indictments are coming, imminently, related to the Russian tampering in the 2016 election – this time, reportedly, focused on U.S. citizens who participated. No one knows who that might be. However, I can assure you that anyone who had or has any ties to the administration or Trump’s campaign is not resting easy tonight.

There is a list, and everyone is wondering if their name is on it.
A list of upcoming indictments is not a list you want to be on.

The man with the nuclear codes, who appears to be angry and unstable, is alone and pacing the halls like a caged animal. Distraction is his game, and he’s good at playing his own game.

The coming days, or even hours, will most likely be a “turning point” like we haven’t seen before because Trump isn’t fighting to stay in office anymore. He is in a frenzy of self-preservation and by all appearances does not have sound counsel in-house, or at least counsel that he listens to.

The Mueller probe is rapidly escalating to the boiling over point, and we will most certainly see evidence of that sooner than later. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

If Trump leaves the country in the next few days for an unannounced trip and lands in Moscow, we will know he’s not coming back, and we will know this ended right where it started – with the Kremlin.

Stay tuned and stay buckled up.


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