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Ladies, It’s Time to Run for Office and It Might Be Easier Than You Think

Ladies, It’s Time to Run for Office and It Might Be Easier Than You Think
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By:  C. Neal – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Thanks in large part to backlash from President Trump, Democratic women have stepped up to run for office at a record rate this year and you should be next to join them. Although the disparity is closing men still hold elected office at a disproportionate rate in the United States. Making up 52% of voters, one would think that women would hold office at least as often as men do but in reality, they still don’t.

In large part, this has to do with candidate recruitment. Male dominated institutions have been recruiting candidates at a higher rate than other groups however this is beginning to change.  Groups that focus on getting women specifically elected have sprung up across the country in recent years creating an infrastructure for women to run. One of those groups is which is aiming to garner 250,000 women candidates by 2030. We highly recommend that all women who have ever considered running to finally take the plunge.

Not all women candidates will win. However, they are successful as often as men are when they do run. We need women candidates to run to provide an alternative to what we see every day from the White House on the ballot. Also, Democratic women tend to drive up turnout, which is the key to winning close elections. Thus we need women to run if Democrats are going to prevail in key races across the country. So take a moment to ask yourself if you are the next neighborhood leader that should run for office because you probably are.


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