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3 Energy Cleansing Routines For the Busy Body

3 Energy Cleansing Routines For the Busy Body
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By: Ruby Gangadharan: Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

‘Life got in the way’

This is the most common statement we hear when people try to explain why they stopped their daily alignment routine and practices. It describes a situation which encompasses a whole lot of things, a busy schedule, illness, family commitments, fatigue, etc.

We know why alignment matters and how being energetically aligned to the feeling of having what we want, manifests it into our reality.

That being said some days just get away from us, emergencies, a flow of distractions, a plan that seems so unplanned we wonder how it was put together in the first place!

It happens and it’s absolutely a normal thing to experience some chaos. This doesn’t mean that the previous days spent doing alignment practices were wasted days and it certainly isn’t a ticket for some self-bashing.

The thing about energy alignment is not how much of it we do or how many different techniques we can squeeze into our daily routine but how powerful & potent we are at doing them. The more skilled we become at the alignment techniques the shorter the time to get aligned.

Even for the most experienced and skilled practitioners some days just don’t go as expected.  

When things get busy or ‘life gets in the way’ the absolute bare minimum that must be done is what I call an Energy Purification or a General Cleanse. These are extremely simple, easy to incorporate and don’t take up time.

An Energy Cleanse aims to remove congested or dirty energy that has attached to our energy body during the day. This is a must for anyone that practices any kind of energy or alignment work. What the practice essentially does is it holds the fort while we have the chance to get back on track with our regular practices.  

Here are three energy cleansing routines for the busybody that are my absolute favorite and simple to do:

Salt Water: It literally is a salt water bath. This doesn’t have to be the ‘soak in the bathtub’ kind because let’s face it, that sounds like a lot of work. Either put salt in a bucket of water and pour it over the body or rub salt on the body and in a few minutes wash it off under the shower. Do this after the use of soap, shampoo etc. Salt has amazing qualities to disintegrate dirty energy. I personally use normal salt every day and use Epsom salts once a while to add a touch of feeling luxurious.

Forgiveness: Each day set aside a few minutes to practice forgiveness. Nothing jams the energy channels like anger, hurt, shame. Every day we collect more and more of this baggage. And the only way to start to release this energy is Forgiveness. At the end of the day, take a few minutes to retrace your steps for the day. Think about any situation that makes you feel negative emotions. Using intention, offer it up and release it. Follow it up by forgiving others and yourself. Do this for as many situations you can think of.

Invocation: We keep saying you are not alone or you don’t have to do this alone. So Invoke, Invoke, Invoke! Intentionally ask for divine blessing, divine help, and divine guidance. Ask it from the universe, the consciousness, the higher self, the spiritual guardians, god… Whatever label works best to connect you to the higher frequencies. Invocation is powerful because you are intending and actively opening up a channel to receive energy. You can use a script, a prayer or even wing it. Each day find the time to practice invocation for a few minutes.

That’s it. That’s how it’s done!

Simple. Effective.

No matter how busy the day gets these three things fit right into any schedule and are easy enough that doing them does not require extensive planning or tools.

So now we never have to compromise on doing energy work on days which get busy and chaotic.


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