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Top 53 Headlines from the Trump-Putin Summit: All of them are Terrifying

Top 53 Headlines from the Trump-Putin Summit: All of them are Terrifying
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Putin’s Attack on the U.S. Is Our Pearl Harbor

Make no mistake: Hacking the 2016 election was an act of war. It’s time we responded accordingly.

Foreign envoys decry Trump-Putin summit as ‘devastating’ and ‘pathetic’


Trump’s step toward Putin seals a new world order

The president has upended the global definitions of friends and foes.


Trump aides face calls to resign after president’s appearance with Putin


Fox News hosts take Trump to task after Putin summit



Current and former U.S. officials were stunned. It was a “dereliction of duty,” says a former NATO ambassador. “It may well be the most damaging trip by an American president in memory.”


An Easy Win for Putin in Helsinki


U.S. Intelligence Chiefs, Current And Former, Fire Back At Trump


Trump’s Own Team: He ‘Looked Incredibly Weak’ Next to Putin

The president, former advisers say, is driven by a deep sense of insecurity about the election. And so he will never really confront his Russian counterpart.


Trump’s Joint Press Conference With Russian President Makes Their Secret Love an Official Relationship



For a growing segment of the right, it appears pissing off liberals is not enough to make up for caving to Vlad.

Trump stuns the world at Putin summit


Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and America’s “geopolitical suicide”

The Trump-Putin meeting reveals how Trump is killing American power.


Trump, at Putin’s Side, Questions U.S. Intelligence on 2016 Election


Putin triumphs over Trump at the US-Russia summit

President Donald Trump questions US intelligence community, not Putin, on alleged Russian meddling in 2016 election.


Republicans Call Trump Summit Remarks ‘Shameful’ and ‘Bizarre’


Even some Republicans are freaked out about the grotesque Trump-Putin press conference


Forced To Choose Between Putin And His Own Government, Trump Picks Putin

Trump says that both countries are equally to blame for the tensions, rather than Russia’s invasion of Crimea or interference in the 2016 U.S. election.


Republicans Pan Trump’s ‘Bizarre’ Press Conference With Putin

Trump’s refusal to condemn Putin “will be seen by Russia as a sign of weakness,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.


Sen. McCain: Trump “Abased Himself” With “Disgraceful Performance”


Dan Rather: “There Is No More Denying Who President Trump Is”


The 6 most bizarre moments from Trump’s post-Putin interview with Sean Hannity

The president claims that the Mueller investigation is driving a “wedge” between US-Russia relations.


This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans


Donald Trump’s International Embarrassment


When Will These Republicans Act to Safeguard Our Elections?

Trump’s comments alongside Putin were rightly condemned, but words don’t count for much. We need action.


Maddow: Time for Americans to face ‘worst case scenario’ on Trump


CNN’s John King on Trump-Putin Meeting: Call This The “Surrender Summit”


Trump says summit with Putin was ‘even better’ than NATO meeting as a growing number of Republicans criticize his Helsinki comments


Trump’s horror show in Helsinki


Trump Just Fell for ‘a Classic KGB Trick’

Putin, former KGB case officer that he is, certainly knew that details would bore Trump, who imagined he was engaging in big-time statecraft even as he sounded petty and defensive.


An op-ed writer for The Nation forcibly removed from Trump-Putin presser


Why Russian officials were gleeful at Trump’s diplomatic train wreck

Analysis: In rushing headstrong into a summit with no agenda or goals, Trump failed on the world stage.


Republicans blast Trump meeting with Putin as ‘shameful’ and ‘sign of weakness’


‘Put it on the table’: Putin REFUSES to touch indictment naming his spies as election meddlers in confrontation with Fox News’ Chris Wallace who asks: Why do so many of your rivals ‘end up dead?’


Fallout after Trump-Putin meeting


Outrage over Trump-Putin meeting raises impeachment question

Donald Trump’s refusal to blame Russia for meddling in the 2016 election has sparked outrage across the political spectrum. FT news editor Peter Spiegel looks at the impact of Republican anger on Mr Trump’s future as president and how it could raise the question of impeachment.


The Trump-Putin summit was contemptible. Will Republicans finally abandon Trump?

International reaction to Trump-Putin meeting

One former German ambassador summed up the mood: “Europeans are really scared.”


The End of All Illusions


Trump Leaves GOP, Intelligence Community and Allies in the Hot Seat

President didn’t challenge Putin on interference in the 2016 presidential election, the annexation of Crimea or other contentious issues


Putin dismisses, but doesn’t quite deny, rumors Russia has compromised Trump


Trump and Putin: Two Bullshit Artists Enter Helsinki, One Comes Out Victorious

The American president walked out to the podium and sided consistently and passionately with the Russian president against America’s interests.


‘Very much counter to the plan’: Trump defies advisers in an embrace of Putin


Putin weaves KGB tradecraft and attention to detail in a remarkable meeting with Trump


The 21 most disturbing lines from Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin


Even on Fox, Trump’s Helsinki Performance Was ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Surreal’


Republicans remind Trump: “Putin is not our friend”


New York Daily News Scorches ‘Treason’ Trump With Brutal New Cover

The president sparked outrage when he refused to publicly condemn Russian leader Vladimir Putin for Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.


Putin’s poodle: Trump sells out U.S. intelligence agencies with the world watching


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