Home News Republicans, Cohen, MGM: 3 Stories You Should Read Today – 7/24/2018

Republicans, Cohen, MGM: 3 Stories You Should Read Today – 7/24/2018

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Families of Las Vegas shooting victims ‘disgusted,’ ‘insulted’ at MGM’s lawsuit

Disgust and anger underscored the words from survivors and families of the Las Vegas mass shooting victims during a press conference Monday as they responded to MGM Resorts International filing two lawsuits against the victims in an effort to shield the company from liability.

Filed Friday, the lawsuit named more than 1,000 defendants, many of them people who were wounded or otherwise injured during the rampage or are relatives of those who were killed. The entertainment giant is not seeking monetary damages but, citing a federal law, asks the courts to protect it from legal actions filed by the victims.

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It’s About to Go Down: FBI Seized 12 Tapes During Michael Cohen Raid

The FBI didn’t just seize one tape that happened to have Donald Trump’s voice on it discussing the possibility of paying off former Playboy playmate (which feels like the equivalent of saying former high school junior varsity standout) Karen McDougal, they seized 12 tapes!

One, two, three, four … a whole bunch of tapes!

Wait, before you get all hype like I am, there is no word that Trump is on the other 11 tapes, but apparently, Michael Cohen was out here making tapes like Kid Capri in the ’80s. Michael Cohen was mixing tapes like a young Master P. He was moving tapes like Drake’s godfather when he was trying to get Rap-A-Lot Records off the ground.



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How Republicans Became Anti-democratic

As right-wing populism spreads across the Western world, some say we’re witnessing a democratic rebellion of the people against an anti-democratic, technocratic, elitist establishment. In Europe, where the EU superimposes an often anti-democratic, transnational bureaucracy on top of national electorates, and where anti-Brussels populists have formed majority coalition governments with established center-right parties in several countries, this story has some plausibility.

But this isn’t the situation in the United States. Despite what the anti-liberal right has told itself for decades and all the way down to the present, its positions are not supported by a majority of the electorate. On the contrary, Republican electoral victories are increasingly dependent on gaming the system, and especially its multitude of counter-majoritarian veto points, to bring about outcomes that would be unachievable using democratic means.

The result is the transformation of the Republican Party into a blatantly anti-democratic force.




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