Home News Judge blocks Trump, Male #metoo victims, Kavanaugh report: 3 Stories You Should Read 10/4/2018

Judge blocks Trump, Male #metoo victims, Kavanaugh report: 3 Stories You Should Read 10/4/2018

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The Senate’s ultra-secretive process for reviewing the Kavanaugh FBI report explained

It’s being treated like a state secret.

The FBI’s report on sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been received by the Senate, Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley confirmed early Thursday morning. And now it’s under some of the strictest security Congress has to offer.

Lawmakers and a few high-level staff will have an opportunity to review the document — of which there is only one physical copy — in a secure location and ultimately decide whether they think it offers any corroborating evidence that could sway their votes on Kavanaugh. Whatever the FBI uncovered about the sexual assault allegations from Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford, it’s being treated like a state secret.

The report consists predominately of summaries of interviews that the agency has conducted with key witnesses related to the allegations, lawmakers have said. While speaking on CNN on Thursday morning, White House spokesperson Raj Shah says the FBI spoke with nine witnesses total. It remains unclear if any portions will be made fully public.



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“I Was Terrified, and I Was Humiliated”: #MeToo’s Male Accusers, One Year Later

Terry Crews, Michael Gaston, and Alex Winter on sharing their experiences with sexual harassment and assault—and the unique challenges of navigating the movement as a male survivor.

Though the sordid tales of Hollywood sexual abuse that have proliferated in the #MeToo era cover a wide range of experiences, most of them have one thing in common: they’re told by women. The men who have come forward—including Crews, Anthony Rapp, James Van Der Beek, Brendan Fraser, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star Alex Winter, The Man in the High Castle’s Michael Gaston, and several male models who spoke out about the powerful photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino—have faced a unique set of challenges, from naysayers who believe men groping other men is just horseplay to a heightened stigma that makes male accusers less likely than female ones to identify themselves as survivors—and makes it more difficult for them to process emotions born of trauma.



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Judge blocks Trump’s efforts to end Temporary Protected Status for 300,000 immigrants

The ruling gives a reprieve to immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan — where TPS holders were facing a November 2 deadline to leave the US.

The judicial resistance against the Trump administration’s immigration policy continues.

On Wednesday night, a federal judge in California put a hold on the administration’s plans to stop renewing the legal status of 300,000 people living in the US from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan.

All four countries were set to lose Temporary Protected Status over the next year — meaning that immigrants who’d lived in the US for years and often decades would be forced to leave or risk deportation. The more than 1,000 Sudanese living in the US with TPS, for example, were set to lose their legal status on November 2, 2019 — less than a month from the ruling granting them a reprieve.




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