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Everyday Real World Actions for the Spiritually Awakened

by Confluence
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By: Ruby Gangadharan: Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

This is a gentle, loving communication for the folks that are or have recently become spiritually awakened but don’t know where to begin to make a difference.

Spiritual awakening brings forth a sense of connection and energy like nothing that can be described. All of a sudden we are bombarded with information, wisdom and people that are on the same journey. The lights in our heads are turned up and bright. We start to see and notice the interconnectedness and our follies. We become motivated to say something, do something to make a difference, to impact a change.

Then, after speaking all we can, sharing all we can, we might find ourselves running in circles. Nothing seems to change, it feels like we aren’t able to make a difference.

To this, I say…

It’s OK to feel the deep emotions. It’s OK to feel helpless. It’s OK to feel like it’s all crashing down.

The collective consciousness is undergoing a huge levelling up, we all can feel it. The current ways of life aren’t able to justify their existence. People all over, in huge numbers, are asking questions about where we are as a human race and about who we are as individuals. Values and beliefs are under the scanner and the powers that be are rushing to add smoke to the view ahead.

So it’s no wonder we can feel like we are living under the rule of a tyrant and nothing we do is setting us free.

Nothing is far from the truth.

Each step in the desired direction is a step away from the current reality. Small things add up to BIG changes.

We know this intellectually but we need to believe it from the heart. Anything we do to change our own actions or when we show up just little different, a little more conscious than before, we are collectively better off than we were before. 

Here are everyday, real-world actions that we can immediately implement that do make a HUGE difference:

Re-think Dairy and Meat: No, this is NOT a vegan cry but a call to re-think our consumption of dairy, meat and animal products. We are connected to animals. Their suffering and pain adds to the suffering and pain of the collective energy. It permeates into us, even if we don’t know it. Our internal turmoil, uneasy, unhappiness will not begin to heal until these animals, in unprecedented numbers, continue to go through trauma, pain and torture.

  • Eat vegetarian as often as you can. Or eat meat only a few times a week
  • Purchase meat, eggs, dairy from researched, free-range ethical farms
  • If able, raise chickens, cows yourself and consume only what is available under your care

Zoos, Circus, Rituals with animals, Animals at parties: Stop patronizing these activities. There are plenty of cases of documented abuse. Other living beings have rights. They don’t belong in cages or dancing to the sounds of music. An activity that requires animals to do something that is not natural means that there is a series of painful, scary events the animal has endured and continues to endure. Temple elephants poked with sharp iron rods, horses have spikes in their mouths, big cats whipped and drugged to submission. The list of long and painful to write about.

Re-think Material Consumption: This is a big one for most but an easy one to change. How many shoes, clothes, jackets, gadgets, wall art do we really need in a lifetime? Our homes are full of things, most of which we don’t use, yet we continue to buy more. Each product comes at a cost to the planet and to the quality of air, water and soil.

  • Keep a promise to purchase only when something needs replacing
  • Purchase on special occasions only and not all year round

Support small businesses and individuals: In the world of convenience and ease this one requires commitment. Corporations and multinationals have gathered tremendous power and influence which is almost impossible to take on. Rethink how much and who we spend with. There are plenty of small businesses and individuals that offer quality work. Hire them. Pay them.

Donations to Activists: There are a few courageous people in the world who are out there doing the work and risking their lives to do what needs to be done. Whether it is for people, refugees, children, women, animals or our forests. Find a handful of these individuals and donate to their work. There are big corporations that are non-profits who are popular and visible but most of them have such high administrative costs or have become complacent about making a difference.

Re-think Banking & Investments: Start to question where our money is invested. It’s easy to use the markets for bonds and funds to ensure our money is multiplied but this is another way in which we unknowingly fuel the monetary power of forces that then use it to make policies and products that continue to harm us.

Social Media: Use the internet and social media responsibility. Each of us, no matter the number of followers, have influence. Someone is listening, someone is taking in and acting on what we put out.

  • Question the source and content of every post that is shared
  • Use social media to introduce your circle to new, uplifting content along with certain hard truths. It’s not all about showing a happy timeline.

Volunteer: Pick a cause, pick an organization and sign up. Commit to a few hours each month to volunteer work. This is huge. This is probably the one action that will give us the most satisfaction and will help us see how what we do makes a difference.

Build a local community: Get to know the neighbours, build understanding and love between all who live in and around the house. As the community builds, find problems to solve and people that need help. Then use the power of the community to work on the issues.

Read, Educate and Stay Informed: Read more books. Esethoric & Spiritual, along with Scientific ones. Further education by attending workshops, talks and speeches. The key is to stay informed.

It is in our awakening that the seed of change is planted. But it is wasted without inspired action. So we start with ourselves, within our homes where our influence is the most powerful.


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Ruby is a Spiritualist & Dog lover, Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Deliberate Creator, Writer & Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner. A forever creative and her virtual address is www.everydayloamagic.com
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