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Month: December 2018

Mindful Mondays

Reading Time: 2 minutesOne of the best things I’ve ever done for my Self / business / whole-damn-life, is to institute what I’ve come to call Mindful Mondays. The first day of the week is devoted entirely to journaling and inner work and the weekly nest-maintenance things like laundry, floors and bathrooms. The inner work sets the tone for the day,  which makes the housekeepery become an extension of the inner work. In other words, literally cleaning away the ‘debris’ of the previous week, and deliberately imprinting my thoughts and intentions for the following week in-and-on my immediate environment. Housework transmogrifies from chore into ritual. It’s magical. Having no appointments or outside-focused obligations means that the whole day becomes sacred and sublime. Just me and my home and my heart and my hopes. Consequently, the rest of the week is potently productive because right from the beginning, I’ve curated the energy and strategies to ensure I’m sovereign and focused, rather than scattered,so work gets done and deadlines met. I know it’s a luxury to have Monday mornings at my disposal – if you work outside the home, or have kids, it’ll take some extra planning. Sunday evenings work just as well. Let’s get deeply practical … How could this look for you? You may decide to spend half an hour on Sunday evening or Monday morning after the kids...

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You Have Enough, You Do Enough, You Are Enough

Reading Time: 2 minutesBy: Sarah Grace Powers – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. For years I dreaded the winter holidays almost as much as I anticipated them. From my mid-twenties to my mid-forties my life was consumed by my retail business, Moonrise Herbs (an herb shop that was also a metaphysical book/gift store). In the retail biz, preparations for this time of year begin, literally, in spring or early summer. I needed to be sure my store was stocked with just the right unique and distinctive gifts that would appeal to my customers...

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You and I both have failed Cyntoia

Reading Time: 5 minutesChildren are the most marginalized population on the planet. That may sound like a shocking statement, but we fail them, over and over again. And they depend on us adults. They come in the world defenseless and completely dependent on us and we abandon them. We control them and tell them what to do. We indoctrinate them and if they do not follow our wishes, we punish them. They cannot vote. We do not allow them to have a say so. We spend all our energy indoctrinating them into how we want them to be. As much as we revere youth in this country, we do not revere childishness or children.

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Angela Merkel, Russia Interference, Object 2018 VG183: Stories You Should Read 12/16/2018

Reading Time: 3 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  Wonders never cease. ‘Farout,’ the most-distant solar system object discovered For the first time, an object in our solar system has been found more than 100 times farther than Earth is from the sun. The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center announced the discovery Monday, calling the object 2018 VG18. But the researchers who found it are calling it “Farout.” They believe the spherical object is a dwarf planet more than 310 miles in diameter, with a pinkish hue. That...

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