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Lindsey Graham: We’ve turned a hard corner in the right direction and it was easy to miss

Lindsey Graham: We’ve turned a hard corner in the right direction and it was easy to miss
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By:  Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Even people who don’t usually follow politics carefully got a big dose of Lindsey Graham, the Senator from South Carolina, a few months ago during the Kavanagh hearings. Graham was the torch bearer for the patriarchy, literally spitting into the mic while railing at the injustice of the hearings that were causing Kavanaugh so much inconvenience.

Lindsey Graham has been in lock step with the President every step of the way and in no place has he been more vile than during the Supreme Court nomination. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Graham got a microphone broadcasting to the largest audience those hearings had ever had. He defended the president’s nominee with a heat and furor that was unbecoming and alarming to many.

This guy…

And let’s face it, although Graham was coming really hot, we all felt it, Graham was speaking for the Republicans at large – because that’s what he does. He speaks for angry white men in Congress.

Which is why Tuesday’s press conference outside chambers was a moment for the history books. Lindsey Graham, the mouthpiece of the patriarchy in Congress, turned against the President in front of the cameras for all the world to see and it was glorious and breathtaking and very, very important.

Leaving the briefing on the matter with CIA Director Gina Haspel, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he is highly confident that Mohammad Bin Salman is responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He had some other choice words to say also.


Mohammad Bin Salman is Trumps boy. The Trump family has a lot of money tied up with the Saudi regime. Trump as per usual, has refused the intel provided by his own intel community in favor of writing a dictator a hall pass on the brutal murder of a journalist – and when I say brutal, even that word doesn’t do what happened justice.

The crowned prince ordered it and everyone but White House agrees that’s what went down. Trump blew in the direction of his financial ties and why wouldn’t he. Khashoggi was a journalist – you know fake news – the enemy of the people…

Senator Lindsey Graham has been on the fake news bandwagon right along with the President, using those words to describe a lot of things, including the Special Council’s investigation. So, for him to depart from the President’s rhetoric on an issue involving a journalist is more than just notable.

Tuesday may very well signal the day the Republican old boy’s network started to distance themselves from the President they have previously followed blindly down the path to hell. With the conclusion of the Mueller investigation looming, all signs point towards the fact that they know things the rest of us haven’t been read in on yet. We may be witnessing a turn in the tide that might make impeachment possible.

And it was bound to happen. At some point, it was going to get too expensive to stay on point defending a President who is undefendable.

Vegas odds still say impeachment will not happen. However, the drumbeat of the Special Council investigation is particularly loud right now. Many smart people think we are sitting on the brink of a constitutional crisis of some kind imminently. There are many indications Mueller is closing in on the President and his family.

However, the sign most striking to me was this press conference. What the investigation yields will be largely dependant on the mood of the Senate. The mouthpiece of the patriarchy that sits in that chamber just stepped out of line, publicly, not just taking a position in opposition of the White House, but calling them out for a conspiracy – involving the death of a journalist.

Every day is different in this political crisis. However, Tuesday was particularly notable and it had nothing to do with Mueller.


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