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3 Stories You Should Read 3/12/2019: Sarah Sanders, Felicity Huffman, Immigration Fees

3 Stories You Should Read 3/12/2019:  Sarah Sanders, Felicity Huffman, Immigration Fees
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Vitriol and deflection: The return of the White House press briefing

The only thing worse than the near extinction of press briefings in the Trump White House might be actually having a briefing.

In her first appearance behind her iconic podium in 42 days, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Monday did nothing to answer questions boiling up about President Donald Trump, the administration and associated scandals during her long absence.
But Sanders was more than happy to use reporters’ questions to spread the latest toxin injected into Washington’s political bloodstream by the President — the ideas that Democrats want to kill babies and they hate Jews.


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Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Charged In College Admission Scheme With More Than 40 Others

Some of the purported student-athletes didn’t even play the sports they were recruited to play.

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens of people charged by the FBI in an elite college admission scheme, documents unsealed Tuesday in Boston revealed.

The Hollywood stars allegedly joined CEOs of private and public companies, real estate professionals and a fashion designer in paying up to $6 million in bribes to ensure that their children were accepted to schools such as Harvard and Georgetown. Most of the parents paid $250,000 to $400,000 per student.

The alleged scheme, which the FBI called a “nationwide conspiracy,” allowed parents to pay for their children to cheat on exams and apply to elite schools as student-athletes, without regard to their actual skills. Top college coaches at the schools are also among those charged, but authorities said they are not investigating the schools themselves.




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Trump’s budget proposes hiking application fees for legal immigrants

Charging immigrants 10 percent more, for “deficit reduction,” is something Trump might be able to do without Congress.

President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal asks for billions of dollars to “finish” building 722 miles of wall along the US-Mexico border. Buried in the budget summary is a proposal to make legal immigrants help pay for it.

A budget “fact sheet” on border security, released as part of the Trump administration’s proposal Monday, suggests adding a 10 percent surcharge to immigration filing fees for the purposes of “deficit reduction.”

While the surcharge isn’t mentioned in the short summary on the Department of Homeland Security in the main budget document, the data tables at the end of the document include a line for “Establish an immigration services surcharge.” The “surcharge” is assumed to bring in $466 million for the government in 2020, and about $5 billion over the next 10 years.


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