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3 Stories You Should Read 3/19/2019, Elizabeth Warren, George Conway, Christchurch

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Elizabeth Warren wants to get rid of the Electoral College

Warren is part of a growing number of Democratic presidential candidates want to get rid of the Electoral College.

Democratic presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just proposed a bold plan to expand voting rights: getting rid of the Electoral College entirely.

Warren floated the idea at a Monday night CNN town hall at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, in response to a question about expanding the right to vote for formerly incarcerated people. The senator took that idea and ran with it.

“We need to make sure that every vote counts,” she told the crowd. “The way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the Electoral College and everybody … I think everybody ought to have to come and ask for your vote.”




In the category of:  Reasons to be concerned.

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband George Diagnoses Trump’s Behavior. Trump Calls Him a ‘Loser’

President Trump and the better half of the Conways are continuing their war of words online after George Conway called the president’s mental health into question and the president responded (of course he did) by calling him “a total loser.”

On Tuesday, Conway, the husband to Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway (who doesn’t favor a cadaver),…

…noted that the president might be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (while I don’t condone amateur diagnosis or diagnosing someone at all, I must admit that the symptoms sound a lot like Trump.)

Symptoms include:

  • Arrogance and Dominerring
  • Grandiosity
  • Preoccupation with Success and Power
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Belief of Being Unique
  • Sense of Entitlement
  • Requires Excessive Admiration

And that’s just the first few traits.




In the category of:  It’s not just a U.S. problem.

Christchurch Has Had A White Supremacist Problem For Decades

Experts say the mosque massacre spotlights New Zealand’s failure to take white supremacist threats seriously.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — The leafy New Zealand city where a self-proclaimed racist fatally shot 50 people at mosques during Friday prayers is known for its picturesque meandering river and English heritage. For decades, Christchurch has also been the center of the country’s small but persistent white supremacist movement.

An expert on such fringe groups says it’s probably more than coincidence that the accused mosque shooter, 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant, settled in the region, known for a whiter demographic than the country’s north, after frequently traveling abroad in 2016-2018 in what appears to have been an extreme-right pilgrimage.

He went mostly to areas of Europe with a long history of sectarian dispute, including clashes between Renaissance Europe and the Ottoman Empire and the breakup of Yugoslavia following its ethnic and religious conflicts.





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