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Month: May 2019

Nancy Pelosi: What if the greatest democracy in history failed in the dark?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nancy Pelosi will make her place in history which hangs on one decision. She will either be the hero of a clap-back meme or the woman who made the decision to allow what belongs to the public into the light. That truth belongs to each and every one of us and it’s past time we had it.

Pelosi is one of the most powerful women on earth. Will she lead or will she continue to stonewall?

This is about transparency and Pelosi knows it. If she fails to proceed, she’s no less guilty of choking our democracy with lack of transparency than a President who’s guilty of Obstruction of Justice.

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3 Stories You Should Read 5/31/2019: 2020 Dems, Paul Nehlen, Julian Assange

Reading Time: 2 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In category of:  And the runner ups are… The 9 least popular Democrats running for president, briefly explained A broad tapestry of white male politicians — plus Oprah’s spiritual adviser. The weak performance of this crew means that unless they turn it around, they won’t be able to appear onstage in September when Democrats hold their third presidential debate. Only candidates who hit 2 percent or better in four different polls qualify. But before the great winnowing strikes, it’s worth spending some time on...

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Podcast: Parents, you might not be doing things for the reasons you think

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can outside forces influence our behaviors without us even being aware? Is there something to the power of suggestion? Do first impressions really matter? In this episode, we explore the concept of psychological priming. Once we have an awareness that our brains are susceptible to outside influences that can shape our future behaviors, we can be more intentional with our mental diet.

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The Atlantic: Robert Mueller Wishes You’d Read His Report

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mueller is a man out of time. This is the age of alternatively factual tweets and sound bites; he’s a by-the-book throwback who expects Americans to read and absorb carefully worded 400-page reports. Has he met us? His high standards sometimes manifest as touching naïveté. “I hope and expect this to be the only time that I will speak to you in this manner,” Mueller said today, explaining that his report was his testimony and that Congress should not expect him to answer questions with any new information.

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