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When You Clean Your House To Avoid Other Stuff

by Confluence
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By: Jacqueline Gates   – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Recently, someone confessed to me that they were behind with the course studies.

She’d ended up cleaning her house instead, which (by her admission) was highly unusual and “not like her” and was obviously, then, an avoidance tactic. She felt embarrassed and annoyed with herself and just plain miserable.

I see it all the time in programs that I run and programs that I participate in.

Hell, I’ve done it myself.

And it’s particularly prevalent when we’re doing identity-shifting, belief-questioning, rut-busting work.

We’ll do a few lessons, begin implementing what we’ve learned, and Bam!

Suddenly we’d rather scrub the kitchen floor and dust every.single.surface, rather than open up that next lesson.

Been there?
Yea. Me too.

But here’s the first thing I’m going to state categorically …



Just don’t.

No good can come of it.

Would you berate yourself for eating good-for-you food? 
For brushing your teeth? For self-care?


Beating yourself up for not doing housework AND beating yourself up when you DO do it?

That’s all kinds of unhelpful and kinda daft.

Yes, I get that doing the vacuuming can <look> like avoiding or self-distraction.

And yes, sometimes it is. 

But not really.

Here’s what I know without a doubt …

Your outsides reflect your insides.
(see Emerald Tablet)

So therefore (follow along with me here) as you shift within, 
so you need to shift without to maintain the alignment, yes?

Here’s the kicker though …
Sometimes that awareness isn’t logical or front-of-mind.

Sometimes your Inner Guidance knows that in order to integrate a new piece of Knowing, 
an inner-shift you’ve already experienced,
you <have> to get rid of the outside evidence of your previous identity/setting.

Or the new-Knowing won’t ‘take’. Or stick. Or even register.

Sometimes, you don’t know that you know that.

So when you get a seemingly inexplicable urge to clean, 
or declutter, or purge your closet, 
or do all the ironing in one fell swoop….
It makes no sense – 
from the outside.

Especiallyspecially if housecare isn’t your usual gig or pattern.

So, naturally, your smallness is gonna do what smallness does, and take full advantage of the fact you can’t explain it logically by painting it as procrastination or avoidance or falling-behind-again.

It’s a lie.
Don’t fall for it!

Here’s the thing …
The desire to shed residual trappings of WhoYouWere is PROOF that you’ve already begun recalibrating 
and your Inner Knowing <knows> that the next step is a non-metaphorical clean slate.

Because our ‘stuff’’ speaks volumes, both to- and about us, yes?

And when you move your inner stuff, 
your outer stuff suddenly doesn’t feel right.

It feels like not-you.

Which is precisely the case.

Just the same way a decluttering binge can make you “feel like a new person” (which you are, actually), so doing profoundly powerful inner work can demand an equally profound external adjustment.

Does that make sense?

So next time you find yourself not doing that uplevelling-wildly-stagefright-inducing-thing you know you should be doing, (because that’s the gig you signed up for, superstar)…

realize that you may simply need to clear the decks,
both metaphorical and non-, 
for the next part of your journey.

Do your cleaning. 
Be mindful, appreciative and deeply aware that, 
as you dust + vacuum + toss, 
one thing affects everything and everything is a reflection.

Insides. Outsides.

Then you’ll find it easier to go back to your task-at-hand.

Fully present.
Fully YOU.

Honour your Guidance, scrumptious one..
You always know.

PS Interesting in this rather revolutionary view of housecare?
Then Intentional Nesting is for you.


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