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3 Stories You Should Read 9/4/2019: Dorian, Migrant children, Hassan Rouhani

3 Stories You Should Read 9/4/2019: Dorian, Migrant children, Hassan Rouhani
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Hurricane Dorian photos: what the aftermath of a Category 5 storm looks like

“We are in the midst of a historic tragedy,” the prime minister of the Bahamas said.

We still don’t have the complete scope of the impact is on Grand Bahama or on the Abaco Islands, another part of the Bahamas pummeled by the enormous storm. But things are looking bad. Seven people have been reported dead across both sets of islands; that figure is likely to rise.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies estimates 13,000 homes may have been severely damaged or destroyed across the Bahamas. The US Coast Guard is responding to the disaster, and relief agencies like the Red Cross are jumping in to help.

“We are in the midst of a historic tragedy,” Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis told reporters Tuesday. “Our focus is search, rescue, and recovery. I ask for your prayers for those in affected areas and for our first responders.”




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Migrant Children Separated From Parents Show Signs Of PTSD, Report Finds

A government report found the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy caused serious mental health problems in detained children.

The children, many already distressed in their home countries or by their journey, showed more fear, feelings of abandonment and post-traumatic stress symptoms than children who were not separated, according to a report from the inspector general’s office in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Some cried inconsolably. Others believed their parents had abandoned them and were angry and confused. “Other children expressed feelings of fear or guilt and became concerned for their parents’ welfare,” according to the report.

The report is the first substantial accounting by a government agency on how family separation under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy has affected the mental health of children. It was based on interviews with about 100 mental health clinicians who had regular interactions with children but did not directly address the quality of the care the children did receive.




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Rouhani: Next step away from deal ‘extraordinarily significant’

Tehran increases pressure for European signatories to 2015 nuclear pact before weekend deadline.

Iranian officials have increased pressure before a weekend deadline for European nations to come up with a solution for Iran to sell its oil abroad in the aftermath of reimposed sanctions by the United Statesafter its unilateral withdrawal from a 2015 nuclear deal.

President Hassan Rouhani reiterated on Wednesday a threat that Tehran would take additional steps away from the crumbling accord on Friday and accelerate its nuclear activities if Europe fails to provide a solution.

The deal, which was agreed by Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US, offered Tehran relief from many international sanctions in exchange for accepting curbs on its nuclear programme. Since Washington pulled out of the deal last year and reimposed sanctions, Iran has insisted it wants to save the pact but has demanded the remaining signatories – especially the Europeans – provide additional economic support.



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