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3 Stories You Should Read 10/18/2019: Ovidio Guzmán López, Sondland, Elijah Cummings

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Who Will Succeed Elijah Cummings as Head of the House Oversight Committee?

Democrats have historically favored seniority when choosing committee leaders, and with 14 terms under her belt, Maloney—who is 73 years old—is the most senior Democrat at this time. That, however, made no difference in 2010, when Cummings—who had three years less time in Congress than she did—beat her for the chairman position.

So who are the possible successors to the throne, so to speak?

The Times posits that Rep. Gerald E. Connolly of Virginia, the No. 6 Democrat on the committee who has taken a more active role in the inquiry could present a considerable challenge. The one knock against him is the reprimands he has received for his perceived “aggressive tactics” in the hearing room. This week, he was called out for reportedly breaking committee rules by discussing the details of a closed deposition with an impeachment witness.



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Gordon Sondland’s Testimony About The Trump-Ukraine Scandal Defies Belief

The ambassador claims he didn’t know Donald Trump was targeting Joe Biden in Ukraine — but the evidence was on front pages for months.

Despite the wealth of information on Ukraine, the Bidens, and Guiliani’s rabid pursuit of conspiracy theories related to them, Sondland supposedly missed this entire part of the Trump administration’s efforts. He even told Congress that although Giuliani directly mentioned Burisma to him in August, the company’s name didn’t stand out as worth noticing.

His carefully worded statement also neglected to mention exactly when he finally did come to understand that Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine included pushing for an investigation. If you believe his account, it’s a wonder he ever learned about it at all.




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El Chapo: Mexican president says police ‘did right’ to free drug lord’s son

Mexico’s president has defended freeing drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s son soon after his arrest.

When Ovidio Guzmán López was seized at a house on a judge’s warrant in the city of Culiacán, cartel gunmen fought street battles with security forces.

At least eight people were reportedly killed and 21 wounded, with vehicles left burning in the streets.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the decision to cancel the arrest had saved lives.

Senior security officials had decided on his release, the president said at a news conference. “The officials who took this decision did well,” he said.




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