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3 Stories You Should Read 02/11/2020: Hookers for Jesus, Corona Virus, Roger Stone

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Justice Department undercuts own prosecutors on Trump ally Stone’s sentencing

Top Justice Department officials are overruling their own federal prosecutors who recommended that longtime Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone get up to nine years in prison, a senior department official said Tuesday, in a stunning and politically charged move.

“We have read with interest the new reporting on Roger Stone’s case. Our sentencing memo outlined our position on the recommendation made yesterday by the government. We look forward to reviewing the government’s supplemental filing,” Smith said in a statement. Stone’s attorneys had argued a sentence of 15 to 21 months would be appropriate.



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The coronavirus cruise ship quarantine is a scary public health experiment

The second-largest outbreak outside China is floating at sea — and health experts are increasingly worried.

It’s a hypochondriac’s worst nightmare and a startling public health crisis: The largest coronavirus outbreak outside of mainland China is currently floating in Japanese waters, on a cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises.

The outbreak was first detected when an 80-year-old passenger tested positive for the virus on February 1, a week after disembarking in Hong Kong. By February 4, the remaining 3,700 passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess — currently docked at the port city of Yokohama, Japan — were asked to stay on the ship under quarantine orders.

Since then, the number of passengers and crew aboard the Diamond Princess with the disease — known as COVID-19 — has surged to 135. While those who’ve tested positive are allowed to leave the ship for treatment, the rest have to remain there until at least February 19.



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The Department of Justice Gave Over $500,000 to ‘Hookers for Jesus.’ I Wish I Was Joking

Turns out that Hookers for Jesus isn’t a group of Russian prostitutes waiting to urinate all over their lord and savior President Blend Your Face Into Your Neck’s bed, but it’s an actual Christian group founded by former sex worker and sex-trafficking victim Annie Lobert in 2007.

“The organization operates Destiny House, a one-year safehouse program for sex-trafficking victims and women who want to leave sex work, as well as a number of other outreach programs,” Newsweek reports.

The anti-sex trafficking organization was given some $530,190 over a three-year span, which is odd because the name of the organization is horrible and it bans really weird shit, including secular magazines that might include makeup tips or advice on clothing or sex. Oh, and the group reportedly makes all of the attendees go to religious services, although Lobert claims that the residents don’t have to go to services but they can’t read any of those crazy magazines that push the Devil’s work, like Cosmo!



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