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3 Stories You Should Read 02/12/2020: Matamoros MX, Roger Stone, Sanders

3 Stories You Should Read  02/12/2020: Matamoros MX, Roger Stone, Sanders
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In the category of:  The imperial president

Trump’s Roger Stone power play reveals a presidency unleashed

The sudden storm over Stone, triggered by an early-hours tweet by the President, is part of an accelerating pattern of unmoderated behavior since Trump was found not guilty of impeachable offenses a week ago by Republican senators — some of whom expressed the hope that the scar of impeachment would temper his wildest impulses.
Instead, the President appears to have drawn a lesson about impunity from his experience and seems committed to accelerating his bid to subvert constitutional and political norms. This may augur a period of expansive power plays by the President — as he runs for reelection and that could become even more intense if he wins a second term.

In the category of:  Feel the Burn

Bernie Sanders got more young voters in New Hampshire than everyone else combined

New Hampshire’s older voters, though, were much more skeptical of Sanders.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s win in New Hampshire on Tuesday night was fueled by young voters.

Sanders won more of New Hampshire’s young Democratic primary voters than the rest of the field combined, according to exit polls conducted by Edison Media Research for national media.

Sanders led the category of voters aged 18 to 29 with 51 percent of their votes. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg trailed him with 20 percent of the youth vote, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 6 percent.



In the category of:  Limbo

A refugee camp grows on the US-Mexico border

In Mexico’s Matamoros, thousands of asylum seekers wait in an encampment for their asylum cases to be heard in the US.

“Everyone here is here because we can’t return home,” she says, wafting smoke from her cooking fire away from her face. “All the sacrifice that these people have made in the end isn’t worth anything.”

If her family’s asylum isn’t granted, Maria says, she’ll use some money she’s saved from her business to pay smugglers to take them over the river anyway.




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