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Peace during these times is your Superpower

by Confluence
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By: Christine Peterson 

This has been a tough few weeks for many. We are entering into another month of uncertainty. As we enter into the month of May, I want you think about how you are feeling and how you see the world. What is your world view?

We can choose to search for the good in each difficult situation and see things from that view, or we can focus on the negatives and that will become our view.

Either one you choose will set your mood for that day. And sometimes we feel that choice is out of our control and overwhelming. Sometimes we feel the choice is being made for us and we just have to persevere. Sometimes we can be in the most beautiful place and darkness is still the only thing we can see.

So today, think about what you choose to focus on. What beauty do you see amidst all of this uncertainty?

Whatever your view is today, and again, there is no right or wrong, please try to find your peace in the middle of it.

Below are some more beautiful views that continue to take my breath away.

Knowing that we can all wake up in a dark place on any given day and we also can wake up to some of the most amazing scenery around the world, even in our own backyards, is what I choose to focus on and what brings me great joy!

I still marvel at driving past all the monuments in D.C. and they still manage to take my breath away as though I am seeing them for the first time!

Peace during these times is your Superpower! 🦹‍♀️

How will you choose to activate your Superpower today?

Moment of Gratitude: I am grateful today for waking up, for having my health and for being of right mind.

What are you all grateful for?


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