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Energy Levels, Conscious Creation, and Conspiracy Theories

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A few words about Energy Levels, Conscious Creation, and Conspiracy Theories…

Most of us believe things that we can’t see or don’t have explicit proof of – such as religious beliefs, magic, gravity, spiritual ideas, etc. And, sometimes people accept conspiracy theories the same way. And for the record, I do believe that conspiracies occur – but conspiracy and conspiracy theory are not the same thing.

Here’s the difference between having faith in a religious belief or a spiritual idea, and believing a conspiracy theory (and this is where energy or consciousness levels come into play) – religious belief happens when we trust (have faith) in something, and it is usually accompanied by a desire for a certain thing (a hopeful outcome, personal peace, world peace, redemption, healing, etc.). Buying into conspiracy theories happens when we *mistrust* something (the media, the government, or some commonly held belief.)

If we look at the levels of consciousness involved this is what we find:

Trust, or Faith, resonates at a very high level of consciousness, the level of creation and miracles, and is essential to consciously creating something more desirable.

The hallmark of faith is joy.

Mistrust resonates at the very lowest levels of consciousness, often referred to as victimhood. This energy is also powerfully creative, but unfortunately this level of consciousness generally creates more of the same, and can lead to depression, paranoia, and other forms of mental illness.

The hallmark of victimhood is blame.

There’s a wonderful idea made famous by Stephen Covey concerning our Sphere of Control, Sphere of Influence, and Sphere of Concern.

If you draw a circle with another circle around it and an even larger circle around that one, the inner circle would be your sphere of control (the things you actually have control over), the next circle represents your sphere of influence and the largest circle would represent your circle of concern (right now I tend to think of that large circle as the whole globe).

When we focus our energy and attention on our sphere of control our energy will gradually expand into the circle of influence and our influence will grow outward and touch our circle of concern (the whole world). But if we focus our energy on the circle of concern our sphere of control shrinks.

So, even if you choose to believe conspiracy theories about evil people who are trying to control you or harm you, they are still things you have virtually no control over.

Focusing our energy on things we have control over will give us more peace and a greater ability to have influence in the world.

Understanding the vast difference between experiencing Victimhood where we are powerless and that everyone and everything is plotting against us, and experiencing Faith – where we have power over our own experience, is crucial – right along with critical thinking skills that seem to be greatly lacking right now (as evidenced by how many people are considering conspiracy theories that have little or no basis in reality.)

We can do better people. Put your critical thinking caps on and consider whether your beliefs and ideas are supported by trust or mistrust – one is at the top of the consciousness scale and has the potential to make miracles happen and the other is victimhood plain and simple.




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