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You do not need to control other people’s behavior to stay healthy.

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By: Lorraine Faehndrich.

The modus operandi of our western medical approach is fear. “Watch out! You might get cancer. Watch out! You might get a virus. Make sure you screen for all these bad things that can happen to you” While it can be argued that there are benefits to this approach, it comes with GREAT COST. It is instilling fear in us about our own bodies in many obvious and subtle ways. We feel disempowered around our own body to the point that it feels scary to make choices that are different than what a doctor recommends, even when you know it’s not right for you.

When we are afraid of what might go wrong, we then become dependent on “experts” to tell us what to do.

What we are seeing now with Covid-19 is an amplification of what has always been in our medical system. A fear based approach that goes to war with potential harm. This approach itself is counter to what actually creates health.

The fear with which we approach our body and our health suppresses our natural ability to stay healthy and heal. It literally suppresses every system in our body from our immune system to our digestive system. And that doesn’t even take into account the way fear impacts our lifestyle choices and how those impact our health.

I see this every day working with women to help them relieve chronic pain.

The key to healing is to FIRST learn how to trust your body, how to create safety and flow love. Bodies are VERY GOOD at staying healthy when we trust them. When we take fear out of the equation (which is not easy to do when doctors and the media are telling you all the time what there is to be afraid of.)

What I can tell you is that BODY”S ARE AMAZING. Your body is a healing machine! It is adaptable, strong and resilient – when you trust it to be that and listen to it’s guidance.

When we are afraid we trigger our fight or flight response and suppress all the systems in our body that help with repair and maintenance, including the immune system.

Once we’ve suppressed our body’s own ability to stay optimally healthy and fight off disease, then, we ARE dependent on the very limited tools our medical system has for protecting us.

The solution is to come back to your body. Love it. Trust it. Take good care of it. Breathe. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy vibrant food. Journal and meditate to reduce stress. Move. TURN OFF THE NEWS. Make space for your emotions. LOVE yourself and love other people. ALL of this creates a healthy vibrant ecosystem in your body that WILL NOT ONLY be well equipped to manage the coronavirus – but help you enjoy your life.

You do not need to control other people’s behavior to stay healthy. Good thing, because right now controlling other people is the one thing that none of us have any control over, and of course feeling powerless and vulnerable creates more fear which feeds the cycle that suppress your immune system and actually does put you at more risk.

PS I am social distancing and wearing a mask, but I am also choosing to only focus on what I can control, which is me and my behavior. Whatever your stance on this pandemic, masks, or social distancing, there is one thing FOR SURE, and that is that attacking each other, feeling powerless, and getting entrenched in right and wrong, good and bad, is creating more fear. There is too much fear on both sides, and from what I can see, right now this is a much bigger problem for everyone’s health than literally anything else.

What can you do to cultivate love and safety today in your life and others (even the others you disagree with)?


Lorraine Faehndrich is a Women’s Health and Pain Relief Coach, the founder of Radiant Life Design, and the creator of the cutting-edge pain relief program, Healing Female Pain. She specializes in helping women find lasting relief from chronic pain and anxiety, including chronic pelvic pain.https://radiantlifedesign.com



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