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Editorial: I Didn’t Want To Be, But I am 110% With Them

by Confluence
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By:  Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

I had to sit with the announcement yesterday regarding Kamala Harris.
I had to be quiet for a bit and try to manage my emotions on this one.

Kamala Harris is not the person I wanted to be picked for the VP slot on Biden’s ticket. She is the only one of the major contenders that I had a strong negative opinion about. It’s not a “feeling” or a likability issue. There are very specific reasons I feel the way I do about Harris – reasons of consequence on issues that are important to me.

And you know what? I will not argue the reasons I didn’t want her. I will not have conversations about it.
It can’t.

In case you are wondering, Biden was not my pick for the nomination. I felt strongly that it shouldn’t be him. I had my reasons for feeling that way and those reasons still stand.

But you know what?
It can’t.

This is ride or die time. Trump cannot be re-elected.
We cannot be divided by ANYTHING at this point.
Biden/Harris were not my pick but today they are the dream team and this election is non-negotiable.

To all my peeps who are going to feel like Harris is a slap in the face, get prepared to vote Biden/Harris.
To the Berniecrats, anti-establishment, “my vote doesn’t matter” people, I hear you. I really do. Get ready to vote Biden/Harris.

Republicans know how to do something the left side of politics hasn’t figure out. Republicans don’t even really care if they like the person they are voting into office. Probably most of the time they don’t. Republicans don’t argue amongst themselves. They don’t rupture themselves over ideology. They stay practical and they march together.

I get it. Liberals like to be independent thinkers. Ideology matters and the nuances are worth fighting for. On occasion, a family fight is worth it. Sometimes you’ve got to walk away from the political table on a stand for values.


Get your bumper stickers. Order your t-shirts. Call and ask for your yard signs. Get on board NOW.

Biden/Harris is our ticket. This ticket just happens to include decades of experience and one of the most liberal democrats in politics today. The Biden/Harris ticket will quite likely not only lead to the first woman of color vice-president but ultimately the first Madam President.

Let’s do this.

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