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‘Ketanji” is pronounced ke-tan-ji

by Confluence
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By:  Lisa M. Hayes

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As a woman who has mastered the art of being a Queen bitch, I fully understand the belittling power of mispronouncing or failing to remember someone’s name correctly.
Make no mistake, when a power-play, or an intentional act of exerting perceived dominance is at work, fucking around with someone’s name is the cheapest tool in the box for demonstrating disrespect.
And then there is blatant racism – where the purveyors and benefactors of white supremacy feel like it is unnecessary, or below them to make the effort to learn how to pronounce a name that feels foreign on the tongue. Racism loves to give people whose names aren’t familiar nicknames that sound white or abbreviate their presence into easy-to-remember initials. Racism devalues the culture of others by mispronouncing names both on accident, but without apology, and on purpose.
But let me be perfectly clear:
Her name is

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