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Religion Isn’t About Love

by Confluence
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By:  Dr. Dee Frayne

I will never understand why so many people give a book written by men, thousands of years ago, so much power over their life AND the belief they are entitled to and deserve the right to control others.
It’s not written by G o d.
It’s not written by J e s u s.
It’s a recollection, an account after the fact authored by mortal men. Before recorders, dictaphones, or even shorthand.
It’s hard not to think about the childhood game of telephone, and how well a message traveled in real time….let alone hanging out with a group of friends telling stories about what happened even a few days prior, and how the accounts so wildly differentiate.
And I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to believe that those mortal men thousands of years ago were better than their contemporary counterparts at listening or remembering.
How many times do they forget to do something before it actually gets done, if they even heard us in the first place?
I get why dudes are all about it because it’s a tool to subjugate women… but the fuck if I will understand why any modern woman wants to keep that shit.
I vividly remember that preteen day in the pew when I realized religion wasn’t about love, it was about control, and I the fuck would not submit decisions about MY life to crusty old men who knew nothing about me.
Keep your b i b l e if you want it, but for fucks sake stop trying to force it upon people who don’t want it.
If we are really going back to an “o r i g i o n a l i s t” reading of the C o n s t i t u t i o n than your good book has no room for dictating policy or controlling others.
The country was founded upon the separation of c h u r c h and state. Your G o d was inserted during the red scare in the 50s.

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