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The Only Reasonable Gun Control is Extreme

by Confluence
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By: Lisa M Hayes

My youngest child, age fifteen, has never stepped foot in a public school classroom. We knew from day one it would not work for Kingston. This morning, while other parents were facing the mind-numbing reality of sending their kids to school after yet another school shooting in the U.S., I sent my child to go to some kind of storm drain cleanup with the local fire department where he volunteers. I had zero concerns for his safety.
Homeschool works for Kingston, and it works for us. That said, it takes work. At times it is grueling. I gave up all my hopes for the career I thought I would have to homeschool my children. In all fairness, it is because of homeschooling that I have the career I was meant for. Homeschooling my children gave me the motivation to build my coaching practice.
Every time there is a school shooting, there is a lot of conversation about homeschooling as an option. That conversation as it unfolds on social media is often frantic and panicky. Parents scramble and cry. Behind the scenes in homeschool communities, there is a lot of smugness because homeschooling parents feel very righteous, NOT sending their kids into classrooms where our children might be targets.
Even though on days like today, I feel comforted and smug knowing the most significant threat my kid faced today was a lot of mud they might get on their fire boots, I feel the burn of the rage because I am not distracted, wondering if my child will make it home at the end of the day.
The choice to homeschool is a privilege many do not have.
Homeschooling cannot be the solution for most parents No parent should ever be forced to consider a decision like that because they are afraid their child might get shot at school.
Gun control is the solution.
Usually, when I talk about gun control, I try to curb my language by saying “reasonable” or “measured” gun control. However, the reality is the only reasonable gun control is extreme.
The fact that Congress is wasting governing energy on bullshit like grilling the CEO of TikTok about how WIFI works instead of figuring out how to keep our public spaces safe is so desperately out of touch with reality it makes me wonder if the process of governance can ever be functional.
To all the parents who had to put their kids on buses or drop them off at school today, my heart aches with yours. I am sending all the love.
To our legislators who are trying to figure out how to get reelected AND work for meaningful change regarding gun reform, I can only suggest you’ve got some funerals to attend before you continue side-stepping the NRA and their goons.
Not partial gun control.
Not an assault weapons ban.
Not reasonable gun control.
Not private school vouchers.
Not homeschool.
The only thing that can happen is gun control that takes guns out of the hands of lunatics that kill because they can – and we don’t know who those lunatics are, so it has to be pretty much everyone.


Lisa is an LOA Relationship Coach. She helps clients leverage Law of Attraction to get the relationships they dream about and build the lives they want. Lisa is also the founder of The Coaching Guild where the world’s best coaches are trained. 


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