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The Liberals’ Cliff Notes to Understanding Project 2025: Beyond the Hype and Into the Depths of Hell

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By:  Lisa M. Hayes

Project 2025 is a highly ambitious initiative spearheaded by The Heritage Foundation, aiming to lay the groundwork for a potential conservative administration in 2025. While it might sound like just another political project, the depth, breadth, and implications of Project 2025 demand a closer look, especially for those who identify as liberal or progressive. This guide delves beyond the surface-level hype and explores the core elements and potential impacts of this project, providing a comprehensive understanding of what it entails.

Origins and Objectives

Project 2025 was launched by The Heritage Foundation in response to what it perceives as the damaging policies of the current and previous liberal administrations. The primary objective of the project is to ensure that conservatives are not only prepared to win elections but also ready to govern effectively from day one. The project aims to reverse liberal policies and implement a conservative agenda that touches on every aspect of American life.

The project is structured around four main pillars:

  1. Policy Agenda: Developing a comprehensive policy guide for the next conservative administration.
  2. Personnel Database: Creating a “Conservative LinkedIn” to ensure that the right people are in place to implement these policies.
  3. Training Program: Establishing a Presidential Administration Academy to train future conservative administrators.
  4. 180-Day Playbook: Crafting a detailed plan for the first 180 days of the next administration to enact conservative policies swiftly.

The Policy Agenda

At the heart of Project 2025 is the “Mandate for Leadership,” a detailed policy guide that outlines conservative proposals on various issues. This document is not just a collection of right-wing talking points but a meticulously crafted blueprint for governance. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Reproductive Rights: Project 2025 aims to roll back reproductive rights significantly. It suggests removing the term “abortion” from federal laws and regulations, reversing abortion pill approvals, and defunding clinics that provide contraception and STD testing​ (Media Matters)​. The goal is to implement strict anti-abortion policies and reduce access to reproductive health services.

  • Environmental Regulations: The project seeks to dismantle many of the environmental protections put in place by previous administrations. It emphasizes deregulation, increased fossil fuel production, and the rollback of policies aimed at combating climate change​ (The Heritage Foundation)​.

  • Education: Project 2025 advocates for significant changes in the education system, including promoting school choice, reducing federal control, and implementing a curriculum that emphasizes traditional American values and downplays progressive ideas such as critical race theory​ (Media Matters)​​ (The Heritage Foundation)​.

  • Immigration: A central theme of Project 2025 is strengthening national borders and reducing immigration. The project proposes stricter immigration policies, increased border security, and policies aimed at reducing the number of immigrants entering the country legally and illegally​ (Media Matters)​​ (The Heritage Foundation)​.

The Personnel Database

One of the unique aspects of Project 2025 is its focus on personnel. The Heritage Foundation is building a comprehensive database of conservative professionals who can fill key positions in the next administration. This “Conservative LinkedIn” is designed to ensure that the administration is staffed with individuals who are not only ideologically aligned but also well-prepared to implement conservative policies effectively​ (Project2025)​​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Project2025)​.

Training Program

Recognizing that having the right people is only part of the solution, Project 2025 includes a training component. The Presidential Administration Academy will offer workshops, seminars, and online training sessions to prepare these individuals for their roles in government. The goal is to create a cadre of well-trained conservative administrators who can navigate the complexities of federal governance and push through the conservative agenda​ (Project2025)​.

The 180-Day Playbook

The final pillar of Project 2025 is the 180-Day Playbook, a strategic plan for the first six months of the new administration. This playbook outlines specific actions that need to be taken immediately to reverse liberal policies and implement conservative ones. It includes executive orders, regulatory changes, and legislative proposals that can be enacted quickly to set the tone for the administration​ (Project2025)​.

The Implications

While Project 2025 is framed by its creators as a necessary and proactive measure to restore conservative values and governance, its implications are far-reaching and deeply concerning for liberals and progressives. The project aims to undo many of the advancements made in areas such as reproductive rights, environmental protection, and social justice. The potential for increased political polarization and conflict is significant, as the project seeks to implement policies that are likely to be highly controversial and divisive.

For instance, the aggressive stance on reproductive rights could lead to significant legal battles and protests. Environmental deregulation might accelerate climate change and lead to increased pollution and health issues. Changes in education policy could undermine progress towards inclusivity and equity in schools.

Moreover, the project’s focus on creating a personnel database and training program raises concerns about the consolidation of power and the potential for ideological purges within the federal government. By ensuring that key positions are filled with staunch conservatives, Project 2025 aims to create a government that is not only aligned with conservative values but also resistant to future liberal administrations.


Project 2025 is a comprehensive and ambitious plan that seeks to reshape the American political landscape in favor of conservative ideals. For liberals, understanding the depth and implications of this project is crucial. It represents a concerted effort to reverse liberal policies and implement a conservative agenda that touches every aspect of American life. By delving beyond the surface-level hype and examining the core elements of Project 2025, one can better appreciate the potential challenges and conflicts that lie ahead in the political arena.


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