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So, Now We Rise

by Confluence
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By:  Lisa M. Hayes

Men have long punished women for their magic, branding it as dark, dangerous, something to be feared and suppressed. Who we are in the wild threatens them. This ancient, searing fire within us, once revered, was twisted into a source of shame and secrecy.

Women were taught to hide their power, to doubt their intuition, to silence their wisdom. Women were killed by men who feared the feminine wild nature. But the time has come for us to reclaim our magic, to connect to the deep, unbroken line of enchantment that weaves through the fabric of our being.

This reconnection is not just an act of self-love, but a subversive political act, a direct challenge to the structures that seek to control us.

So, now we rise.

Throughout history, the magic of women has been a threat to the patriarchy, a force that could not be easily contained or understood. Our spells, our healing, our visions were vilified, our sacred practices driven underground.

Yet, despite centuries of persecution, the magical roots of women have endured, whispering beneath the surface, waiting for us to listen. These roots are a testament to our resilience, our collective power, and our enduring spirit.

So, now we rise.

Today, more than ever, we must rekindle this flame. In a world fractured by division, our magical traditions are a beacon of unity, connecting us across time and space. The patriarchy thrives on our disconnection, knowing that divided, we are easier to control.

But when we come together, when we embrace our magic, we are unstoppable. We become a force of nature, capable of cursing the unjust, loving fiercely, and protecting what is ours and what is sacred.

So, now we rise.

Our magic makes love an active force, a weapon against oppression, a balm for the wounded, a shield for the vulnerable. When we wield this power collectively, we create a tapestry of strength and solidarity that no corrupt system can govern.

The patriarchy’s greatest fear is not just our individual magic but our united power. That is why they separate us. That is the narrative of the solitary practitioner or the lone witch – but it’s time to come out of the dark and into the light together. Together, we can dismantle the chains that have bound us, tearing down the walls of silence and shame.

So, now we rise.

It is time for a magical re-wilding, a reawakening of the sorceress within each of us. Let us gather in circles, in covens, in sacred spaces, in places of worship, and call upon the ancient wisdom that flows through our veins.

Let us speak our spells aloud, with voices strong and unafraid. Let us teach our daughters and sons the truth of our power, the beauty of our magic, and the strength of our unity.

In this act of reclaiming, we honor our ancestors, those wise women who kept the fire burning through the darkest of times. We honor ourselves, our courage, our spirit, our unyielding light. And we honor the future, forging a path where our daughters can walk freely, their heads held high, their hearts open, their magic unbound. We do it now to heal our grandmothers and our granddaughters. We do it now because if we don’t we will lose our way.

So, now we rise.

The time is now. Let us rise, witches, healers, seers, and dreamers. Let us weave our magic into the very fabric of the world, creating a tapestry of love, justice, and transformation. The patriarchy has had its time; now it is ours. Together, we will light the way, and no force on earth can dim our collective power.

So, now we rise.



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