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Author: Confluence

3 Stories You Should Read 1/16/2020: Criminal Candidates, Lebanon, Ukraine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  It doesn’t even matter These candidates were accused of sexual misconduct. They’re running again in 2020. A lot of them could win. In 2018, the Washington Post counted 27 federal officials or candidates for federal office who had been accused of sexual misconduct as part of the movement. Of those, 19 faced significant career impact — they resigned, lost their races, or declined to run for reelection. But some of those 19 are now attempting or have attempted comebacks. Moore, for...

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Pat Mitchell: Dangerous times call for dangerous women

Reading Time: 1 minute Pat Mitchell has nothing left to prove and much less to lose — she’s become a “dangerous woman.” Not dangerous as in feared, she says, but fearless: a force to be reckoned with. In this powerful call to action, Mitchell invites all women, men and allies to join her in embracing the risks necessary to create a world where safety, respect and truth burn brighter than the darkness of our current times.

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