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Author: Janette Dalgliesh

Super blood wolf moon Eclipse – AAAOOOOOOWWHHH!!!

Reading Time: 5 minutesWe have a busy astro week this week, including a gorgeous Full Moon Eclipse in Leo (exact times below). And with all the major planets in forward motion, not a Retrograde to be seen, there’s a definite surge of forward momentum at play.

Which is fantastic in these last two weeks before we plunge into the Chinese New Year of the Pig, known for its favourable outlook on prosperity, good luck, and happiness.

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Astrology: Big dreams, ahoy!

Reading Time: 6 minutesNext week sees a fabulous ‘super blood wolf’ Full Moon. It’s a supermoon because it’s a Full Moon positioned at the moon’s closest point to earth (aka perigee), making it brighter than normal. It’s a blood moon because it’s a total lunar eclipse, which means the sunlight passing through our atmosphere appears to turn red. And the January Full Moon is also known as a Wolf Moon.

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Astrology: Welcome to 2019 – at last!

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you’ve been feeling like the New Year didn’t completely land on time, you’re right.

Yes, we’ve had all that lovely lead-up energy, support for dreaming and planning and getting clear and releasing the old.

But as you know, the stars don’t care a bean for human calendars, so it’s not surprising that sometimes, a new (Western, human) year starts when we’re mid-something-else astrologically.

This time around, the calendrical new year happened in the lead-up to a potent New Moon, just before the pre-new-moon energy of the Dark Moon – the day or two beforehand which is a time for resting, preparing, pausing.

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Grokking the Lunar Nodes

Reading Time: 6 minutesEveryone has a pair of Lunar Nodes in their natal chart – one North Node, one South – and they always sit exactly opposite each other in the chart.

That’s our first clue on how to think about these Nodes.

They come together as a set, a pair. You can’t have one without the other. And they are both important to us.

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