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[Astrology] Heads up for revolution

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By: Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Stand by for a rare, once-in-a-lifetime zodiac event – ideal for smashing out of old, outmoded paradigms and aligning with your most potent Self.

Starring Uranus – the wild card, the freedom-loving revolutionary who says ‘my way or the highway’ and will kick down fences and break any rule which doesn’t fit. Think ‘Leader of the Inner Rebel Alliance’.

And the Lunar Nodes – those mysterious hypothetical points in the sky which represent the linear timeline of past, present, future.

Uranus cavorting with the Lunar Nodes creates a powerful opportunity to smash through any old, outmoded internal messaging that might have held us back from living our own most potent, authentic life.

The vibe has been creeping up on us, bit by bit, as it does with any slower moving planet.

But between now and around 10 August, we’re in the most intense phase and it’s going to start feeling far more real and up in your face. 

If this were a dance, we’ve gone from a stately, formal pavan – partners at a respectful distance – to an intimate, cheek to cheek rumba.

The exact conjunction – that goosebump moment when they gaze into each other’s eyes and surrender into the kiss of utter connection – that’s on 26 July at 3:15PM US Eastern time, at 18 degrees Taurus.

The last time we saw this dance was 2007, and that was in dreamy Pisces. And the last time the dance happened in earthy, tangible-world-loving TAURUS was 1855.

Not one of us has experienced this kind of conjunction before.

There’s a good chance it will feel new and weird (especially for the humans who don’t know about it) – and we know human nervous systems can get a little twitchy around anything new and weird. 

First, flow a little compassion to anyone around you who seems to be kinda freaking out. It could just be the rumba kiss landing on a sensitive spot in their chart.

Secod, remember that the big advantage here is TAURUS. We can always tap into our own physicality to soothe any jangled nerves, by grounding ourselves in the safety of the here-and-now via physical comfort (wrap yourself in that blankie if you need to) and sensory delight (anything from a square of organic chocolate melting on the tongue to a full-blown, full-body orgasm counts here).

Here’s one strategy you could engage, to make the most of this potentially transformative liberation:

  1. Take a moment to tap into your true desires – including the ones that seem unrealistic, unbelievable, outrageous. Think daydream rather than plan.
  2. Ask ‘who will I be once those dreams are here – and what things will that version of me no longer tolerate, what outmoded rules or thought habits will she no longer follow?’  
  3. Pick at least one** old, outdated rule in your head you’re ready to break, or one old thought habit you’re ready to change
  4. Make a plan for how you’ll do that work. It might mean a release meditation*, or writing a letter then burning it, or meditation, or a ritual cleansing bath or shower. It will almost certainly mean practising a new thought habit.
  5. Do the work.
  6. ** if you discover more than one thing you’re ready to ditch, one rule you’re ready to break – go for it.
  7. If you notice your brain telling you you’re doing it wrong / too slowly / imperfectly – that’s ALSO an outmoded piece of patriarchy BS – ditch that too!!
  8. And – my favourite way to have a juicy Uranian interaction – set your intentions for DELIGHTFUL SURPRISES, then let go

Jung said the journey of life is the journey back towards the self, and we can’t do that while also retaining those old BS messages in our own minds.

Dismantling the rules of a racist, colonialist patriarchy from our own heads is not an overnight thing.

It’s the work of a lifetime – but at times like this we can make huge strides, almost overnight.

The world needs you (and me!) to liberate ourselves, to smash the old internalised crap in our heads.

We have these powerful allies onside. Let’s do it!

* PS if you’re looking for a great release meditation, I have one I made for Cancer Season in my astro-coaching group program Liberation Zodiac – because if there’s one time of year we all feel the Cancerian need to release the past while keeping the good bits, it’s Cancer Season. Feel free to check it out and join us if you’d like.

Black and white headshot of Janette Dalgliesh, wearing a bold floral print shirt and a pearl necklace

Janette Dalgliesh is a gifted life coach and astrologer based in south-east Australia. She helps women of all kinds, from all walks of life, to set themselves free from the unconscious, toxic BS of the patriarchy in which we all grew up – through the lens of astrology, mythology and archetypes. She specialises in simple yet potent brain-changing techniques which are designed to be safe for the human nervous system. Her signature coaching program is Liberation Zodiac, and you will always find her at her website Strategic Astrology Coaching.

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