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Our Relationship Is Fine, I’m Just Unhappy

In a recent interview, I was asked what the warning signs of a marriage on the brink were. I’m sure the interviewer was expecting to hear, abuse, infidelity, dishonesty, loss of intimacy, addiction, or any number of other big-ticket relationship deal breakers. When I answered the question by saying it was declining marital satisfaction, he was tongue-tied. He characterized that answer as elementary.

I think it’s anything but elementary. Not being happy in a relationship is the number one leading cause of all kinds of other bad things. In most cases, those other big-ticket deal breakers are symptoms of just not being happy enough. Typically a couple won’t seek help for “not being as happy as they used to be” and that’s too bad. At the “I’m just not happy” stage of trouble, there is still a lot of hope for getting a relationship back on track. At the “I’ve had an affair and want a divorce” stage of trouble, not so much.

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7 Tips to Teach Children to Deal With Difficult People

We need to let kids know they have a right to stand up and speak up. They’re entitled to express their viewpoints and they’re entitled to practice expressing them. 

Knowing when it’s the right time to speak up and when it’s best to remain silent is a muscle worth exercising. But permanently shutting down is never ever recommended.

As parents and teachers, it’s our job to help kids feel more comfortable communicating with the challenging people in their lives. It begins with modeling the skills we want them to cultivate and continues with conversations when specific instances arise in their lives.

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We Tried Some 50 Shades of Grey Style Kink To Spice It Up and It Was a Miserable Failure

After you have discussed your interests and your limits and your safe word, be as creative as you’d like! If you’re not into conventional kinky attire like leather, bondage, whips, or chains, that’s fine! Something as simple as stuffing undies into his mouth and whispering “shhhhh” can be a simple way to introduce role play. Kink looks like whatever makes you happy.

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When your child is in a slump, discouraged, defeated …

One of THE best ways to help your daughter master the mental game is to improve yours 😉

One of the best ways to help her develop her confidence is to have your confidence in her be unwavering, no matter what the circumstance.

Frustration, and focusing on what’s not working, doesn’t allow you to effectively communicate that to her.

If you’re not confident, that makes it harder for her to be.

I know it’s hard, but totally worth the effort 🙂

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PTSD in Children – Does Your Child Have Symptoms?

Studies indicate that PTSD left untreated might affect the brain as well as the cognitive development of your child. The hippocamus in particular seems to be affected by trauma, a region of the brain involved with emotions, new learning, and memories.

Emotionally, trauma can stop a child from being a child and have them acting older than their years, or have them suffering extreme shame or anger. The sooner your child receives help, the higher the chance he can have a normal childhood and a better future.

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What You Should Require In Exchange For Giving Your Heart To A Man

A relationship in balance between two healthy balanced partners works like this:

The man pours all of energy and attention into his mate. He adores her. He treasures her. He cares for her and attends to her needs. He protects her. He provides for her on many different levels, and I’m not just talking financially. More or less, without question, he worships her. His life becomes an active outpouring of his adoration – for her.

And what unfolds from that place of absolute adoration is a thing of beauty, because fueled by his love, that woman blossoms. She thrives. Most importantly she has the sustained energy it takes to create a beautiful and joyful shared life.

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My husband doesn’t want to have sex nearly as often as he used to. I initiate most of the time and often times he’s too tired or seems uninterested.

, I’d give him a break: Focus on giving yourself pleasure as you can, splurge on a new sex toy, create a ritual for masturbation or self-pleasure, and take charge of your solo-sex life so that you can focus on you without relying on him. “I’m sorry if you’ve felt pressure from me and I’m going to make an effort to pleasure myself this month”, might turn his attitude around. After all, May IS National Masturbation Month.

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There Will Be Plugged Toilets, Broken Down Cars, and Bad Days in Every Marriage

Life will make you feel like a victim. It will happen to you unless you get yourself in the driver’s seat and stay grounded in what really matters. A healthy marriage isn’t hard work – that’s a myth. A sick relationship will be the hardest work you’ll ever have to do.

So, a word to the wise might be, feed yourself and your marriage before starvation sets in.

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What To Say That Will Send 9 Out Of 10 Running, And Why You Should Say It

Although most women want to be a priority, the vast majority of women won’t say it because they don’t want to send him running. Again, maybe nine out of ten men freak and fly. That’s better than having nine relationship with a man who puts you somewhere between fifth and sixth on his priority list.

The one in ten guy who hears that message and respects it might just be a keeper.

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The Significance of the Naked Truth

In my experience, it always pays to be honest about our own feelings and emotions. As human beings we are a powerful creators and our feelings are a miracle. Learning to acknowledge them, embrace them, trust them and communicate them well, and remembering to do it all with kindness is a worthy goal. Telling the naked truth in a way that is kind is a powerful skill worth mastering.

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