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What Makes a Woman Good in Bed

by Confluence
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By: Jenna Vincent.   Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

I’ve pondered this for years because my brother had this girlfriend that we all LOVED. She checked all the boxes ( for me haha) and he dumped her when we all thought they would get married.
I asked him why he dumped her and his answer: “ she was bad in bed…”

😲😲I WAS APPALLED! FLOORED. Like what the fuck is wrong with you? You let HER go because of that????

That had puzzled me. FOR YEARS. I wondered, was I bad in bed? What makes a woman good in bed? DO I even fucking care if I’m good in bed? That sounds like ego talking to me….

Then I went through my own sexual healing and I realized, at least to me, what makes a woman good in bed, and MY mission, is to get women back in their sex.

I realized being good in bed was not for his ego…it was for HER SOUL.

GOOD GIRL SYNDROME will have you locked out of your sex.

Because EVERY woman is “good in bed” when she is actually IN THE BED and IN HER BODY. And not in her head.

And it was probably a blessing for her because she moved on to a great guy and got everything that she wanted.

But no woman is going to get dumped for being ‘bad in bed’ on my watch.
And NOT for his sake…. FOR HERS.

My thesis on what makes a woman good in bed:

It’s not the prettiest woman.
It’s not the one with the perfect body or boobs or ass.
It’s not the one with no wrinkles or no cellulite.

It’s the woman fully embodied in her s*x.
It’s the woman loving s*x for HER. not him.
Not to try to GET him, but to enjoy him. to love him.
She’s not faking anything.

It’s the woman having the most pleasure.
It’s the woman PRESENT and RECEIVING IT ALL.
It’s the woman OPEN and not afraid of her wild.
It’s the woman that doesn’t care if she sounds stupid or looks messy or gets sweaty or looks imperfect.
It’s the woman not afraid of HIS animal.

It’s the woman that shamelessly loves that c*ck and rides it to GOD.
It’s the woman that receives that magic and let’s it f*ck her OPEN TO GOD.

She ’s not thinking of someone else, or something else.

She isn’t planning her next launch or the grocery list or thinking about what she should be doing instead.
She isn’t worried if she is pleasing him or if he is having a good time.
She isn’t worried what she looks like or if the lights are off.

She is focused on her pleasure.
She is in her senses.
She is Embodied and soft.
She is confident and authentically having a great time.
Her heart is soft and open.

That’s the women who is best in bed.

All that perfection shit, all that trying to please a man shit, is the stupid good girl in your head, because Girl, I swear to you that a good man sees you as the Goddess that you are.

( there is MUCH in this conversation and a mature masculine can help you to OPEN but that’s a WHOLE other post)

AND WHEN YOU SEE THAT TOO, what a Sex Goddess you are.
The heavens open. And so do you.

Get out of your head. And into your p*ssy, where your heart lives.

That’s the woman who is good in bed.

THE road to break up with the good girl is paved with healing trauma and disassociation and patterns, and shadows.

But shamelessly embodying your EROS…..

Jenna Vincent is a Sex, Feminine Wealth, and Relationship expert, guiding women that want to be fully in their Feminine Energy, in love and life. She specializes in creating breakthroughs by bringing her client’s deepest, darkest desires into the light to be embodied and embraced.  She guides the healing of the masculine wounds that block them from receiving worship and pleasure, which leads to harmony in their intimate relationships with men and money.

Jenna deconstructs the “Good Girl Conditioning” that’s often imposed upon Women, and holds space as a powerful mentor and coach for Queens everywhere. By shaking up societal and/or parental constructs, her clients are then able to unleash their orgasmic, magnetic Goddess energy and begin to fully receive love in all forms, into their life.   Research in the field revealed to Jenna that the daddy/God, mother/Feminine wounds were keeping women from the wealth, love, hot sex, luxury, and pleasure they so dearly desired. She declared “NO MORE,” and now, her modalities of choice include orgasmic/pleasure therapy, timeline healing, energy work, kinesiology, and Neuro Emotional Transformation. You can find her online at theJennaVincent.com or on facebook and instagram @thejennavincent.

Confluence Daily is the one place where everything comes together. The one-stop for daily news for women.



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