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Category: Thrive

The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Antidepressants

It makes me sad to think about the many spiritual people who feel isolated and shamed by their feelings. It also makes me feel sad that deliberate creators feel like they can’t play with the Universe and create when they’re feeling depressed. While that’s not true, the spiritual community doesn’t nurture enough conversations about the sacred nature of sadness and often doesn’t embrace people who can’t find their feel-good thoughts or just get happy.

Depression isn’t a failure. It’s a medical condition. There is no way around that. And in some cases, it’s a medical condition that requires more than one approach to treatment.

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Morning routines weren’t on my radar, and didn’t seem like something I would really do until the day I found out about Morning Pages {a stream of consciousness journaling}. Before I had started any morning routine, I’d normally find myself spaced out, tired, running around last minute, and not feeling very productive most mornings.

Now, I am entering most days from an intuitive, calm, aware, creative, and productive place. I feel excitement and hope to begin the rest of my day, and I am able to work from a much more centered and passionate place within myself.

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How to Get Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

The thing is, if frequent blemish outbreaks plague your life you really have to dig a little deeper. Sure, natural cleansers, masks and toners will help. And even some of the high-quality commercial products (formulated with natural ingredients) might temporarily bring you closer to your dream of a flawless complexion.

But if you don’t at least try to address the root cause of the problem it’s like just slapping on so much more cover-up.

Come to think of it—this is a metaphor for A LOT of things in life. But I’ll save those thoughts for another post.

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Secret Strategies to Look and Feel Younger

People constantly mistake me for someone much younger than 56, and remark on my youthful appearance.  And it happens even more frequently since making some needed life changes, basically reinventing myself, in my early 50s.

So – what are these secret strategies?

Well, most of them have nothing to do with creams and potions and special vitamins, or even super foods, special exercise programs or any other conventional ‘Anti-Aging’ wisdom. In fact, inspired by Dr. Christiane Northrup, I’m trying to ditch the term ‘anti-aging’ completely – in favor of Ageless.

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Arnica: A Staple for Every Medicine Chest

Let’s face it, we all get banged up from time to time. If it’s not a cabinet falling on you, it’s twisting your ankle and falling in the street, like I did today. With these two episodes happening within days of each other I have Arnica on my brain. And, boy was I glad it was in my medicine chest too!

A few weeks ago I posted an article here about 5 natural remedies to reduce inflammation and pain. One of them was Arnica, and this remedy definitely deserves a full article to itself.

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You’ll hear me say this over and over again … if your home makes you feel supported + nourished + optimistic, it’s an ally.
But if it feels draining or frustrating or overwhelming, it’s a detraction and distraction.
When your home reflects Who-You’re-Becoming, rather than who you were, you will see results faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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